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A unique pole of attractiveness

Stores activities

Our vision is to bring together eleven Moroccan craft activities on seventeen premises and to complete our offer with a restaurant and a car rental agency natural product.

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  1. The Restaurant

  2. Home furniture decoration

  3. Potter

  4. Jewellery

  5. Lighting

  6. Leather shoes and bags

  7. Souvenir

  8. Art Gallery

  9. Carpets

  10. Candle

  11. Moroccan caftan

  12. Organic local products shop

  13. Car rental

On the heights of the Saïss plain, in the Ras el Ma region and a stone’s throw from Meknes and Fès, lies the sublime CALIFANO Meknes and Fès domain.

Irrigated by the precious source of Aïn Blouz, the hectares of olive trees benefit from the exceptional properties of rich and fertile land. Carefully planted several generations ago, the estate displays the green reflections of the Picholine variety that composes it and offers fruits with a remarkable elixir.

Each year, the olives are harvested, by hand, to offer the best of their olive juice.

The harvest is taking place in excellent conditions, and rest assured that the CALIFANO Meknes, Fez team is working to prepare you the best olive oil for the season. A year that promises to satisfy the most discerning taste buds Local products of Morocco

Overview of the industry

The diversity of Morocco’s ecological ecosystems makes the country a real reservoir of local products, many of which are endemic. Argan oil, organic olive oil, dessert truffles, orange blossom water, goat cheese, Taounate figs, honey, Amlou, saffron, dates, henna and rose water: all these products constitute a source of income for local populations in remote areas.

Aware of this potential, the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests has attached great importance to local products at the level of the Green Morocco Plan and, in order to materialize the plan development relating to local products, has set up dedicated central and regional structures.Evolutions de la filière


Three-quarters of production is provided by 5 regions: Souss-Massa-Draâ, Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz, Meknès-Fes, Tafilalet, Guelmim-Es Smara, and the Oriental.



To promote Moroccan regional products to Moroccan and foreign consumers, MAPMDREF has launched the collective label “Terroir du Maroc”, which has been registered as a collective mark with the Moroccan Office for Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC ). The objective of this label is to harmonize the various Moroccan labels and to protect our local products.

Organizational support

The supervision also supports producers in terms of organization. The challenge is to overcome obstacles and pool resources. Thus, cooperatives are encouraged to group together in EIGs. (Several training sessions were organized by the MAPMDREF on aspects related to organization, the establishment of business plans, management).

Solidarity and fair trade


An agreement was signed with Carrefour to promote the marketing of these products. Concretely, the two hypermarkets reserve a dedicated section. The same convention should be extended to other hypermarkets and supermarkets.

With the same objective, another partnership agreement was signed in January 2019, the large distribution chain Assouakassalam.


The National Federation of E-commerce in Morocco (FNEM) participated in the launch of a galaxy of e-commerce portals devoted exclusively to local products from cooperatives in the solidarity economy. This is a set of sites dedicated solely to the sale of more than 1,500 references of local products, food and cosmetics, offered by cooperatives of small producers from all regions of the Kingdom. These sites are aimed both at the international market

ADA and Barid Al Maghrib have selected and designed sites for various products for the benefit of groups interested in this marketing method and at preferential rates. Argan, honey, olive oil,

Other solidarity markets will soon be opened in Salé, Agadir and Fez

International support

Abroad, the MAPMDREF organizes, in collaboration with other actors, the participation in exhibitions and fairs. To this end, delegations including cooperatives were sent to London, Paris, Berlin, Riyadh, United Arab Emirates, USA, Belgium, Luxembourg,

Califano adresse Boulevard MOHAMEDVI Rabat TEL.00212633863297


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