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Thailand’s Interior Ministry Launches Nationwide Crackdown on Influential Figures



Thailand's Interior Ministry Launches Nationwide Crackdown on Influential Figures

(CTN News) – Deputy Interior Minister Chada Thaiseth revealed that the statewide crackdown on powerful figures, planned by Thailand’s Interior Ministry, is expected to commence on December 1.

Several agencies are working together on this operation to investigate and dismantle the networks of these powerful people. These agencies include province and subdistrict administrative organizations, law enforcement, and the military.

The Thai government has produced a detailed list of about 700 figures organized using a color-based approach. Those marked as red necessitate swift and unwavering responses, while those marked as yellow are closely observed.

Yellow will be used for the 600 names that do not fit in the red group (less than 100). To examine and dissolve networks of persons in the red category, the Interior Ministry has set a target of three months after the December 1 launch. Every province must also submit a progress report once a month.

Investigations and strict monitoring of individuals and groups classified as yellow are underway, with a deadline of six months from the start of the operation. This group should receive progress reports from each province every two months.

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District leaders, village committees, subdistrict physicians, and the Volunteer Defence Corps are some of the community members whose intelligence will be used by the operation.

According to the Bangkok Post, the main targets of the crackdown will be individuals engaged in illegal activities like drug trafficking and loan sharking.

An important figure is subject to 16 offenses listed by the Interior Ministry. Some examples of this type of activity include running loan shark companies, rigging auctions, bribing public transportation, taking advantage of business owners, avoiding taxes, running gambling networks, trafficking people, and dealing drugs.

There is a list of 600 to 700 people known to have a dark influence over the country, and the Deputy Interior Minister of Thailand has acknowledged that it is complete. At the committee meeting that took place on October 3, this list was considered.

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