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Thailand Records 212 Death from 1,839 Road Accidents Over New Years



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According to state statistics, vehicle accidents killed 212 people and injured 1,860 during the New Year vacation, also known as the “7 dangerous days“. The New Year’s holiday in Thailand ran from December 28 to January 2, 2024.

Thailand’s Department of Land Transport said on Wednesday that 1,839 traffic incidents killed or injured people between December 28 and January 2, inclusive.

Kanchanaburi province had the most accidents (69) and the most injured individuals (73), with Bangkok having the most fatalities (15).

The Royal Thai Police said that the death toll was lower than the previous year. The number of fatalities decreased by 23.19%, injuries decreased by 3.43%, and accidents decreased by 6.17%.

Speeding was the leading cause of road accidents during the holiday season, accounting for 40.60% of all accidents, followed by drivers cutting in (23.31%), and alcohol driving (14.29%).

In addition, 68.85% of those killed or injured were not wearing crash helmets or safety belts, according to police. During the time period, motorcycles were involved in 87% of all traffic accidents.

The increase in traffic fatalities during this time of year is a regular problem in the country.

To counter this alarming trend, authorities have implemented measures such as greater enforcement of traffic restrictions and expanded public awareness programs.

The goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents and fatalities over the New Year’s vacation, as well as to improve overall road safety in Thailand.

Thailand has roughly 20,000 road fatalities every year. The country’s roadways are notorious for their high rate of traffic fatalities, with factors such as irresponsible driving, insufficient enforcement of traffic laws, and poor road infrastructure all contributing to the problem.

These road fatalities have substantial social and economic consequences, hurting families and communities while also posing problems to the healthcare system and the nation’s total economic productivity.

Passenger Van Crashes in Ayutthaya Thailand

Passenger Van Crashes in Ayutthaya Thailand

On Wednesday, a woman was killed and 15 others were injured after a passenger van carrying them from Nakhon Phanom to Bangkok collided with a roadside tree in Ayutthaya province. According to police the collision happened on Ayutthaya-bound Rojana Road as the car neared a crossroads at a PTT petrol station at about 5 a.m.

Police and emergency personnel arrived on the site. They discovered a passenger van with Bangkok license plates that had collided with a tree. The front and a portion of the roof had caved in as a result of the accident, and bags were scattered over the road.

All of the passengers were hurt and were trapped inside the van. To retrieve them, rescuers ripped apart the collapsed vehicle. A woman in the front passenger seat was killed, while 15 others were injured. Everyone was brought to the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital.

According to police, the van went off the road and onto a footpath, colliding with a traffic sign post and then a roadside tree. Its left rear tyre had burst. The impact also flung bags and sacks of grains from the van.

The police did not specify what happened to the driver. According to the Bangkok Post the driver fled the scene.

According to one injured passenger, she and 15 other people hired the van in Nakhon Phanom to return to work in Bangkok after the New Year vacation. They departed the northeastern province at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, according to the woman, who sat in the rear seat.

The passengers were all sleeping. A loud bang startled her, and then the van collided with a tree.


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