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Thai PBS World Forum Explores The Intersection Of ‘AI And The Future Of Newsroom’



Thai PBS

(CTN News) –  In a collaborative effort with Techsauce, the National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI), and MediaScope, the Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS World) recently hosted the Thai PBS World Forum.

The event, centered around the theme “AI and the Future of Newsroom,” provided a platform for thought leadership and the exchange of perspectives among regional media organizations to shape the future of mass media.

AI’s Impact on Thai Media Landscape

The opening remarks by Somkiat Tangkitvanich, president of the Thailand Development Research Institute, set the tone for the forum.

Vilasinee Pipitkul, the director of Thai PBS, emphasized the forum’s purpose, highlighting its role in facilitating learning and preparation for the evolving media landscape, particularly in the context of the widespread application of artificial intelligence (AI) in mass media.

According to Sanook, Vilasinee underscored the imperative for media entities, including public broadcasters like Thai PBS, to adapt to changes in the media landscape.

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She stressed the importance of integrating technology with traditional mass media practices while maintaining a strong ethical foundation to preserve the public’s trust.

The event featured an AI Showcase, where leading media organizations from the Asia region, such as NHK from Japan, KBS from South Korea, and CGTN from China, demonstrated the practical applications of AI in media production using state-of-the-art technology.

A discussion panel on AI, the evolving nature of newsrooms, and the future of Thai media provided a platform for experts to share insights and visions.

Moreover, an exhibition of works by Thai AI companies showcased the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, illustrating how these technologies can enhance efficiency and effectiveness in communication, thereby reshaping the landscape of news production.


Thai PBS: Navigating the Digital Era with a Multifaceted Presence

Thai PBS, a key player in this transformation, can be followed across various online channels, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LINE, TikTok, and Instagram, as well as through its website and Thai PBS application.

This multi-platform approach reflects the broadcaster’s commitment to reaching diverse audiences in the digital age.

In related news, a notable computer scientist often referred to as the godfather of artificial intelligence has resigned from Google, citing concerns about the potential dangers of the technology.

This development underscores the growing awareness of ethical considerations surrounding AI and the need for responsible implementation to ensure the positive evolution of the media landscape and society as a whole.

The Thai PBS World Forum stands as a testament to the industry’s proactive efforts in addressing these challenges and embracing the opportunities presented by AI in the future of mass media.

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