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Cannabis Advocacy Group Challenges Thai Government’s Proposal to Re-Criminalize Cannabis

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Cannabis Advocacy Group Challenges Thai Government's Proposal to Re-Criminalize Cannabis

(CTN News) – A prominent cannabis advocacy group in Thailand, “Writing Thailand’s Cannabis Future,” has strongly opposed the coalition government’s proposal to re-criminalize cannabis.

The group, known for its efforts to promote the benefits of cannabis, is now staging a protest to seek clarification from the Move Forward Party-led coalition about the potential impact of cannabis, especially when compared to the party’s de-monopolization policy for alcohol.

The opposition from the cannabis advocacy group comes in response to the recent announcement of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on forming a new government, signed by the Move Forward Party (MFP) and other coalition partners.

The MoU includes a clause aiming to reclassify cannabis as a narcotic, albeit with supporting regulations for its beneficial use.

Group Highlights Benefits of Cannabis for Medical Treatment

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In a Facebook post, the “Writing Thailand’s Cannabis Future” group asserts that cannabis offers an affordable alternative for medical treatment, particularly benefiting financially disadvantaged individuals and those who have not experienced progress from traditional hospital therapies.

The group emphasizes the need for the Move Forward Party to thoroughly consider the potential drawbacks of cannabis compared to alcohol and tobacco.

Request to Compare Cannabis Drawbacks with Alcohol and Tobacco

The cannabis advocacy group challenges the Move Forward Party to conduct a comprehensive analysis comparing the drawbacks of cannabis with those of alcohol and tobacco.

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They propose that if cannabis is proven more harmful than the other two substances, they will support the party’s re-criminalization efforts. By urging a fair assessment, the group aims to ensure that decisions regarding cannabis policy are based on accurate information and unbiased evaluations.

Challenging the Impact of Alcohol De-Monopolization Policy

Furthermore, the group raises concerns about the Move Forward Party’s alcohol de-monopolization policy and its potential repercussions on public health.

They argue that this policy could lead to broader health issues and increased road accidents due to easier access to alcohol. By highlighting these concerns, the group aims to bring attention to the potential negative effects of the alcohol de-monopolization plan.

Demand for Accurate Information Supported by Research and Evidence

The cannabis advocacy group insists that the Move Forward Party provides accurate information about cannabis supported by research papers, statistics, and solid evidence.

They emphasize the importance of relying on credible data to make informed decisions about cannabis policy. By promoting evidence-based discussions, the group aims to contribute to a well-informed public discourse.

Group Commits to Truthfully Informing the Public Through Protests

While expressing their support for forming the Move Forward Party-led coalition, the cannabis advocacy group clarifies that they may not agree with all of the party’s policies and actions.

They commit to informing the public truthfully through peaceful protests, ensuring that the concerns and perspectives of the cannabis community are heard and considered.


In conclusion, the cannabis advocacy group “Writing Thailand’s Cannabis Future” strongly opposes the government’s plan to re-criminalize cannabis. They urge a thorough evaluation of cannabis’s drawbacks compared to alcohol and tobacco and challenge the potential impact of the alcohol de-monopolization policy. The group demands accurate information supported by research and commits to informing the public truthfully through peaceful protests. Their goal is to ensure the voices of the cannabis community are heard and considered in discussions surrounding cannabis policy in Thailand.

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