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Test Of The 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium At 70 MPH By InsideEVs



Test Of The 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium At 70 MPH By InsideEVs

(CTN News) – Earlier this week, Ford delivered a 2023 Mach-E Premium equipped with BlueCruise 1.2 for us to see how the updated features improve a system that had already been awarded prestigious ADAS system by Consumer Reports.

With the Mach-E having been in our possession for a week, we decided that it was time to give the 70-mile range test to the Mach-E one more time.

After conducting our 70 mph range tests on the same spec Mach-E in 2021, Ford has made some efficiency upgrades and added 3 kWh to the battery pack to increase usable capacity from 88 kWh to 91 kWh.

During that range test, the Mach-E was able to travel 285 miles before the battery was exhausted.

EPA’s combined mileage rating for the vehicle we tested in 2021 was 270 miles, and EPA’s highway mileage rating was 249 miles, according to the EPA.

Due to Ford’s improvements, the same specification Mustang Mach-E (AWD with extended range battery pack) now has a combined EPA range rating of 290 miles and a highway range rating of 268 miles.

Surprisingly, our results mirrored those of our first test of an extended-range AWD Mach-E, which ended with 285 miles driven. As the Ford 2023 Mach-E we tested has 20 more miles of EPA-rated range than the 2023 Mach-E we tested, we wanted to surpass our first test.

The weather was slightly colder during this test than it was during the first. At the start of the morning test, the temperature was in the upper 50s, and for the majority of the test, it was in the mid-60s.

As we range-tested the vehicle in 2021, the temperature remained in the 70s throughout the entire test.

Our second test resulted in a consumption rate of 3.1 miles per kilowatt hour, slightly lower than the 3.3 mi/kWh we observed in our first test.

At the time of the test, both vehicles were equipped with the same tires and had similar mileage on their odometers. To ensure that the tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure, we always place the Ford vehicle in the most efficient driving mode available.

It is the Whisper driving mode that is used by the Mach-E in order to achieve quiet driving.

In the two tests, the 2020 Mach-E had a longer EPA-rated range than the 2021 car, which may be one of the reasons why the 2023 Mach-E, with a longer Ford EPA-rated range, didn’t beat the 2021 car in part.

In the first test, we didn’t use the climate control because the temperature was so low that it wasn’t necessary to have it on because the temperature was such that we didn’t need it.


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