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Temple Monk Crashes into Motorcycle Killing 23-Year-Old Woman



Temple Monk Crashes into Motorcycle Killing 23-Year-Old Woman

Police have reported a car driven by a senior temple monk collided with a motorcycle killing a 23*year-old woman and injuring her younger brother in northeastern Thailand.

The driver, identified as Phra Sen Sikayom, 74, the abbot of Wat Suwant Toram temple, Ban Nong Khurong in Khon Kaen

The senior monk informed Police that he drove his vehicle from the temple to Ban Nong Phai, a neighbouring village, for a religious function on Sunday morning.

He stopped the car at the beginning of a road, waiting to turn left onto the main road. When another car came by and turned left into the road, he felt he could drive away because the road was clear.

Instead, he collided with an oncoming motorcycle that he didn’t see coming.

After hitting the motorcycle, his car swerved to the left and ended up in a roadside ditch. The senior monk was unharmed.

The collision killed Miss Sarocha Hoithaisong, 23, and the driver critically injured her younger brother, Navapol, 19.

Mr. Navapol was airlifted to Ubon Ratchathani’s Sirindhorn Hospital in Khon Kaen.

Miss Sarocha had recently graduated from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan’s Khon Kaen campus. Navapol is a student at Maha Sarakham University.

The senior temple monk conveyed his regret while waiting for Police at the scene. According to Police, the senior monk would be charged with dangerous driving causing death and property damage.

An alcohol test revealed that the monk had not been drinking.

Temple Monk

Temple Monk Behaving Badly

Meanwhile, an intoxicated temple monk was arrested in central Thailand’s Kamphaeng Phet for causing mayhem. With a beer can in one hand and an axe in the other. The temple monk went on a rampage, wrecking automobiles in the neighbourhood.

Prayoon, 49, the detained monk, defended his actions by claiming that the alcohol helped lower his high cholesterol and improve his diabetes and hypertension. It is unclear how the alcohol aided the damaged vehicles.

Locals reported the inebriated monk creating mayhem on Phahonyothin Road in Kamphaeng Phet.

They were concerned that the monk might injure himself and cause traffic problems.

Thai news agencies aired a video of a monk clothed in a traditional robe behaving inappropriately and wobbling down the roadside. He is shown drinking beer from a can while waving an axe in the air with his other hand.

According to The Thaiger, the monk was also causing problems at local restaurants and shops along the route. People also said the monk pounded his chest and body to injure himself. He was also observed destroying parked cars.

Thailand Crackdown on Monks Behaving Badly

Undisciplined Buddhist monks

Prayoon informed officers that he drinks beer because it helps him lose weight. He said he had high cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension and that drinking beer could assist with all of these ailments.

Prayoon was not charged or prosecuted in any way. He was returned to his temple, where his fellow monks promised to help him get to the hospital to be treated for his disease.

In response to temple monks behaving badly, Thailand’s prime minister ordered the National Office of Buddhism to reinforce its discipline and principles.

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O’Cha expressed his concern about news reports about undisciplined Buddhist monks, which seriously impacted the faith of Buddhists throughout the Kingdom.

He has since directed the National Office of Buddhism to work closely with monk committees in all areas to monitor the monks’ behaviour and discipline.

This will enable monks to regain religious trust and faith among the public and prosper Thai Buddhism once again, he said.

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