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Canadian Fined for Rollerblading in Bangkok Traffic



Police in Bangkok, Thailand, charged a 37-year-old Canadian man with a misdemeanour for rollerblading on a busy main street. The Canadian, identified as Jordan McIver, claimed he was merely exercising and wanted to explore the city.

Jordan’s TikTok video of him rollerblading from Nana to On Nut districts of Sukhumvit Road went viral on social media on Friday.

The footage raised concerns that he might have been injured by a car or caused a traffic accident.

Bangkok police dispatched an investigating team to track him down, and security camera footage revealed that he was staying at a condominium in the Lumpini district.

He was taken to Bangkok’s Lumpini police station for questioning. There he admitted that he was the subject of the viral video.

He said he was merely looking to exercise while travelling and was unaware he was breaking Thai law.

The Bangkok police charged him with obstructing traffic and endangering public safety.

He received a 1,000 baht fine.

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last someone has done something to gain social media fame.

Last month world professional waterboard sensation Daniel Grant was charged with traffic violations after wakeboarding on a flooded section of the highway in Pathum Thani, south of Bangkok.

Police said Mr. Grant’s action may have caused danger to himself and obstructed traffic.

He confessed and apologized for the incident, the Royal Thai Police said.

The 24-year-old British -Thai wakeboard professional, performed tricks on flood-hit Phahonyothin Road near Bangkok University at around 6pm last Friday.


The incident in Bangkok was documented in a video clip posted to his Facebook page, which lasted 49 seconds. In some cases, the stunts were performed on his wakeboard despite the presence of other vehicles close by.

In 2010, Daniel set the record for the youngest wakeboard professional world champion in WWA history; he has also won multiple WWA Wake Park World Series stops in Pro Men, Pro Features, and Pro Wakeskate categories.

There is no doubt that Daniel Grant is one of the most entertaining riders in the world. It doesn’t matter if he’s strapped in or not; this wakeboarder and wakeskater are seen as a threat at any competition.

Source: Bangkok Post

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