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Take a Stand for Your Health with an Upgraded Workstation

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Is a standing desk better for your health? Sitting and lying down for too long increases the risk of chronic health problems. Discover the advantages of an upgraded workstation to improve the efficiency of your work.

People often face a need to work on a specific project for a long time. At the time when their minds are ready to operate 24/7, their bodies start begging for a break more often. Moreover, over time, continuous sitting results in a range of health problems.

How to stay efficient at work without harm to your health?

Why Sitting Down is Bad for You?

Many of us spend a lot of hours a day sitting down. As a result, living a sedentary lifestyle leads to:

  • Increase in the risk of early death;
  • Development of two types of diabetes;
  • Aggravation of heart deceases;
  • Obesity;
  • The appearance of depression, varicose veins, etc.;

Considering the potential harm to their health, people more often choose a standing desk to make their workspaces as ergonomic as possible.

As of today, there are many stores, where you can buy a ready-made standing desk or order a workstation that will be crafted upon your individual requirements. Moreover, you can advance it with plenty of useful tools for better comfort.

Is a Standing Desk Better for Your Health?

Standing for long is like sitting – it also causes discomfort. When you give preference to a standing desk, it does not necessarily mean that you should stand all day long.

Try to combine sitting and standing at your desk. Try looking for good office chairs Gold Coast suppliers and find the best ergonomic chair that will benefit you back in the times you are sitting.

Are Standing Desks Overrated?

Standing desks offer a range of advantages for the health:

  • Lessen chronic back pain;
  • Burn more calories, reducing the risk of weight gain;
  • Reduce fatigue;
  • Boost energy level;
  • Lower the risk of heart disease;
  • Contribute to the reduction of blood sugar;

How Many Hours Should You Stand a Day?

The experts have found that a person should try to stand at least two hours a day. They consider standing up to four hours to be optimal.

Standing for five and more hours contributes to:

  • The appearance of the lowerlimb muscle fatigue;
  • Increase in the risk of long-term back pain;
  • Musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Backaches;
  • Leg cramps.

Kermit Davis, the Graduate Program Director for Environmental and Occupational Hygiene at the University of Cincinnati, mentions: “Basically, the body does not like to have the same posture or load placed on it continuously, so change is always good… One of the easiest implementations to deal with the problem is to have routine breaks every 30 or so minutes, where [workers] stand-up or move around [to] deliver paperwork, file papers in file cabinets, copy something, or use the restroom.”

At the same time, all experts agree that workstations should be set at the proper height.

If you are going to buy a standing desk, you should start by standing for just 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to avoid injuries.

Thus, if you are still not getting enough activity, it is not too late to turn it around to improve your health.

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