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[Video] Thai Students Hiking Panic as Snake Lunges at Them

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A group of hikers recently had an encounter of a lifetime as they were trekking through a hilly stretch of forest in northern Thailand. Suddenly, a huge rat snake jumps out at one of them as they were mountain hiking along a narrow walkway.

Thankfully, the rat snake did not bite the trekker. The terrifying incident has since gone viral on YouTube. It showed a young student trekking ahead and another student recording her ascent.

Not anticipating a slithery surprise, they were enjoying the benefits of hiking. Suddenly, the large snake appeared out of the bushes alongside the rocky stretch and lunged out at the student’s mountain hiking.

The frightened young students screamed and ran to safety as the camera faded out of focus. The incident occurred in the northern Thai province of Chiang Rai on March 20.

The video of their mountain hiking experience was shared on YouTube the next day.

“A rat snake surprises hikers,” reads the caption.

More than 12,000 people have viewed the clip on YouTube so far.

A rat snake is non-venomous and kills its prey by constriction. They are not dangerous to humans. They eat rats, as their name suggests.

Most people are not able to distinguish between a venomous snake and a rat snake when one is lunging at them menacingly. Under such circumstances, they usually run.

One of Thailand’s most dangerous snakes is the monocled cobra. The snake is credited with more fatalities than any other snake in the Land of Smiles.

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