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Significant Insights on Vases and Flowers from SCOPELLITI 1887

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Vases and Flowers from SCOPELLITI 1887

Vases and flowers as home interior decor never die. Since the early days, vases have been used as decorations when people used pots to decorate homes.

The pots were used to store flowers or probably just as home décor. Today, many people use glass vases for flowers to display in the office or at home. Some purchase vases and flowers to decorate their bedroom or living room.

Whichever the case, they are all used for decorative purposes. SCOPELLITI 1887 has you covered with the most elegant and exquisite vases for your home. The company’s Venini vases are pieces of glass turned into a balance of shapes, colors, lines, and emotions.

These vases have intrigued glass art lovers for more than a century on the planet. Venini vases have a unique design crafted by top-notch artistic innovations.

Most of these elegant vases have been signed by prominent designers and architects such as Vittorio Zecchin, Tobia Scorpia, or Ettore Sottsass. Check out SCOPELLITI 1887 for the best colored Venini vases for your flowers or just home décor.

The following are the types of vases you can get for your home décor and how to arrange flowers in them.

The Column

These vases can be pretty daunting for first-timers. However, they are not as complicated as some may think. All you have to do with this type of vase is to keep the stems long enough. You will have to trim only a few varieties of flowers and prepare loose arrangements.

First, you will need to strip every stem and remove the foliage beside the leaves or the flowers. Ensure the flowers have the same stem height. Start with inserting the foliage in the vase and make them point to different directions. Their stems will act as anchorage to the other limbs.

Now put the long stem flowers in the vase and ensure you place them in the direction they point. If the flowers seem to lean to the right, then that is how you should put them in the vase. Add more flowers as you go round the Venini vase and make use of every space. Add some water to the vase and change it often to keep the flowers healthy.

Flared Vase

These vases are not the easiest to work with, as their shape is not regular. Using this vase as a flower pot is difficult, which is why you need to learn how you can use it effectively from the experts. The initial step is to eliminate the surplus foliage and then trim the stems to have the same size.

  • Pair some foliage with the central flower you want
  • Pick a flower from every stack and add it at an angle to form a pyramid shape bouquet
  • Add more flowers and foliage while rotating the bouquet
  • Ensure you do not concentrate on one color or type of flower in one region
  • Tie the bouquet with twine to keep it intact and then wrap it with ivy. The bouquet is now ready to go into the vase

Regular Flared Vase

Most homes will have this elegant type of vase, yet most people find it challenging to work with it. First, you will have to create a stunning bouquet but do not tie the stems. Trim the stems at an angle to absorb water effectively, then place the bouquet in the vase carefully.

Cut Glass Vase

Cut glass vases are old-fashioned vases that go well with formal bouquets. What you need to do here is have a tight roses bouquet and tie it with twine. Use a pin and a ribbon to hide the cord to make the bouquet look appealing.

  • Take a ribbon and swaddle the bouquet
  • The second step is pinning the ribbon to the bouquet
  • Tuck the ribbon’s other end
  • Then pin it against the bouquet and insert it in the vase

Cube Vase

This type of vase will go well with hydrangeas. The flowers are bushy and quite massive, which resonates with the squat and angular vase. You are supposed to trim the flower leaves from the stem to use them for another purpose. First, you have to put water in the cube and then place the leaves on the vase’s sides.

Fabricate a bouquet and tie it using twine. Trim the stem of the hydrangeas such that they rest at the edge of the vase from the top, and you have your flower vase complete.

The Pitcher

There are two types of pitcher vases you could purchase from SCOPELLITI 1887 and arrange flowers. A ceramic pitcher is, however, easier to put your bouquet since the stems will not be visible. For the glass pitchers make things simple. Loosen up the bouquet with Alchemilla and sweet peas.

When inserting in the vase, hold the bouquet’s stem and gently release it in the vase. Arrange the flowers to look in one direction, and the stems will also face the same direction. That produces an exquisite effect when placed in the vase giving the home an elegant look.

Grab stunning vases from Venini vases at SCOPELLITI 1887 and brighten your home. The vase could be for decoration or flower planting but you can be sure it will be a striking home decor art admired by all your visitors. Visit SCOPELLITI 1887 and order the vase that captures your eyes.

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