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Serafino Consoli Jewelry Found in the World’s Most Eloquent Locations

At Serafino, we have a plethora of products and jewelry to offer to our clients. Among the unique jewels include the Serafino Consoli ring bracelet

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Serafino Consoli Jewelry

Serafino has been a leader in the industry when it comes to jewelry. Having been in the industry for over 50 years, the company has been able to meet most of the clients’ demands and requirements. We are found in the world’s most eloquent locations where we are easily reachable.

The revolutionary approach allows Serafino to unite innovation with the urge to quench customers a passion for Italian clients.

Serafino Consoli History

The company was founded back in 1959 by Serafino Consoli as a small store for jewelry in Bergamo. That is to the north of Italy, and the company still carries the founder’s name. Sixty years on, the company still thrives and produces quality jewelry for our customers. In 1990 Serafino’s son took over as the owner of the company. Ivan Consoli started the vital process of expanding and renewal of the company.

He has worked with his father to take the company forward alongside his father. Ivan is currently working with two of his sisters to run the company. The two are Rafaella and Nadia, who share his vision and support him fully in the course of driving the company to success.

Serafino took a massive step in the start of the 21st century as the firm grew tremendously and increased its market standing and share. The company has been signing tactical agreements with luxurious jewelry and watchmaking brands. We are located in Grumello del Monte, which is in Bergamo in an innovative architectural space.

The brand vision was inaugurated in 2011, precisely at the same time when the new headquarters were being launched. The office is a state of the art facility where technology meets taste for excellence and design. The architectural space was formed to denote the dynamism of our charter.

As with many brands, the growth process never halts. Our company started by first being an agent and then a distributor, and from there, we became manufacturers of our jewelry items and brand. In 2013, a jewelry line in the name Serafino Consoli was enacted in the market. In essence, ten years of experimenting have made Serafino achieve perfection in the collections we produce.

Outstanding Jewelry

Our creations are in the Valenza form. This is where our experts articulately shape the precious stones and metal into quality jewels. We look to unite technology and the spirit of traditional jewelry in Italy. The intelligent technology enables us to create products that have more than 42,000 solder points with almost 988 components.

We employ a revolutionary approach in the jewel making industry whereby innovation meets ancient Italian goldsmithing. That, in turn, gives rise to new generation jewelry with actual invention patents.

Serafino Consoli products

At Serafino, we have a plethora of products and jewelry to offer to our clients. Among the unique jewels include the Serafino Consoli ring bracelet. We have the best precious stones, precious jewel watches, elegant cufflinks, and even quality clocks. An example of our quality products includes black diamond’s ring, white diamonds rings, brevetto ping, bagues brevetto, ping brevetto, and brevetto.

Services by Serafino

  • Quick service

Serafino staff and the workshop are usually at your disposal to provide fast operation in strap change, battery replacement, and even waterproof testing. To make sure that we offer the right replacement procedure, we practice undertaking to test for waterproof before we replace the battery.

  • Clocks workshop

The clocks workshop can offer you reconstruction and maintenance of broken and worn out clock parts. We would look at your watch if you bought it at our store but also for your clocks. Serafino also creates and modifies clocks for customers at your request. We work with the best mobile technicians to give our customers the best services.

  • Watchmaking workshop

A watch being an essential and sophisticated gadget needs to be accurate and, therefore, it requires high degree maintenance for it to remain relevant all the time. Servicing your watch at regular intervals of time completely and accurately increases the lifespan for your watch. We apply cutting-edge equipment to ensure we take good care of your watch.

  • Goldsmith and jewelry workshop

Our GoldMaster Gioventio Posenato runs our jewelry and gold shop. We are always at your disposal anytime you need a repair or restoration of your jewels.

  • Wear your investment

We all know to invest in diamonds as precious stones have never been transparent and straightforward. All thanks to Maison Damiani, customers no longer have to worry about where their diamonds were acquired from.

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