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Custom-Made Cardboard Ring Boxes by Duegi Scatolificio

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Cardboard Ring Boxes

Who is Duegi Scatolificio?

It is an Italian company that majors in the manufacture of ring boxes. They produce all types of boxes for their clients. The choice of the box to be made depends on the specifications given by the client. That may include the sizes, constituents, and the style to apply. Usually, there is no limit to the items that one can store with Duegi products. As you can observe from their website, they produce quality boxes that can be used for numerous purposes.

Since its inauguration, the company has been a leader in the box manufacture industry and a recognized brand. Duegi’s real origin can be traced back to the start of the 19th century, even though it is said that it was founded in the year 1969. Scatoloficio Alessandro Bettin was formed in 1922, and it majored in selling boxes to contain seeds.

Since that time, this company has grown tremendously to a fully independent and functional business. The firm has continuously looked to understand both challenging and simple needs of the customers. From there, they can then now personalize for them the products they wish to have.

Cardboard Ring Boxes

Having a cardboard ring box can be equated to having a treasure chest. With this kind of table, you are sure to keep your jewelry safe. The box will protect all your rings from any damage. That includes protection from rough handling and wear and tear. The standard cardboard box is not used to store rings alone. It can be used to safeguard other precious items such as little mementos like beads, earrings, among other priceless ornaments of value to you.

These boxes are made of durable and robust cardboard with a specific design. The boxes can be described as a beauty, even without having to store anything. They are made with a killer design to make them unique and stunning. They are made to look sensational and beautiful from first sight.

Other boxes are even painted to give them an appealing outward appearance. If you are looking for a cardboard box, then you should not be surprised to find them quickly and at very fair prices. They could be the cheapest treasure boxes you have ever come across. In fact, for business owners who own jewelry shops and stalls, then these cardboard ring boxes are the ideal gifts for your customers. You can decide to add the cost of the boxes on the jewelry such that when a client purchases a ring, you gift them the box, but in essence, they have also bought the box.

Painted or just wrapped

What’s more is that as a business, you will acquire theses boxes at cheaper rates since they will be sold at wholesale prices. The colors of the treasure chest will largely depend on the customer. They can decide to purchase a pre-designed box and choose what color they want it to be, or they can walk in your shop and select the color that pleases them.

These boxes are quite vital to a business as you can also use them for marketing your brand to customers. Cardboard boxes are easy to manufacture and style. They can either be painted or just wrapped using a gift wrap. The size of the ring box a customer requires depends on their specific needs for the box.

However, there are typical shapes that include rectangular, elliptical, square, or a cube box. That should not limit you as the customer as you can ask for customized boxes according to what you want to use it for. You can order triangular boxes, circular boxes, or even boxes in the heart shape to place your valuable rings in or gift someone.

Several gift shops and stores sell a wide array of cardboard boxes for ring storage, but of course, the best place to find the ideal box is at Duegi Scatilificio. At Duegi, you will have a wide selection of cardboard boxes to choose from with distinct colors, styles, and sizes. Duegi has an online store making shopping even much easier for customers who are far. With the online store, you can expect the boxes to be delivered at your doorstep.

Generally, these cardboard boxes are an indicator of one’s style and class in storing their most treasured items. Therefore, order for the best box from Duegi to have something phenomenal for your rings.

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