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Security Threats All Online Businesses Should Be Aware of

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The internet is crucial to any online business and its success however security threats are something you should be aware of. Both large and small companies have to adapt and operate in an ever-increasing online world. As much as this ties in with the potential for success and opportunity, there are many possible threats and security risks for companies and brands that they must be aware of. Identifying and understanding the different threats present online is the first part of being able to properly combat and protect yourself and your business.

This article will help you learn more about such threats


Malware is a danger to your different networks and systems. It is the most common and well known of threats and encompasses a variety of different cyberattacks that include threats such as trojans, viruses, and worms. It is code that is embedded in your systems through various means in order to steal data or destroy your computers and networks.

Viruses can spread and corrupt multiple files if they have accessed your computers or devices that are linked and connected with others in your business system. Trojans act discreetly, creating backdoors for other viruses and malware to get in. Worms infect networks of your devices, using each machine or device connected to it to further infect more.

New forms of malware are constantly being created and are changing to adapt to protective measures. It is important to protect your sites against these various threats through means of firewalls, anti-virus software, and encryption.


Security Threats All Online Businesses Should Be Aware of

This threat typically comes in the form of requests from third parties that are posing as established and well known and trusted companies in order to gain important information and data from you. This is done through emails and other communication means, where the messages look authentic and attempt to access your accounts through impersonation and utilize your identity to make purchases and commit fraud.

These attacks can target both customers and your employees by having them click on links that are masked to look like your websites but have loggers that gain crucial account information. The best way to combat phishing is to communicate to your customers and employees to avoid and be aware of emails, what to look out for and to ensure that your business to business, and business to consumer communications are done in a manner that ensures their information is protected.


A DDoS refers to distributed denial of service. It focuses on attacking a website, company, or business through a network, utilizing large amounts of fake traffic to be driven to your website in order to overwhelm it and shut it down or cause it to crash.

These attacks may not always look like attacks if you are unaware, but an overloaded system can become vulnerable to further breaches, security, and access. It also means that your website or company will not be accessible to your clients and customers, and being exposed to such attacks can break the trust and destroy customer relationships that you have spent years building.

If you have a lot of important information and data, you are at risk of having that information leaked, stolen, or lost if your security is compromised. Because of the risk and impact, this has on the public, you need to take the necessary measures to protect yourself from laws impacting online businesses that can hold your company accountable if you fail to meet such requirements.

It is important to monitor your business with regular software updates and online security monitoring your data flow to ensure you are aware of any unusual traffic spikes.


Bots are programmed by hackers to carry out different actions and are widely used on the internet. These are automated programs and tools used for a variety of reasons. Of course, not all bots are security threats to your business, as there are good and bad ones that you should be aware of.

Good bots, for example, can help with search engines to connect users to what they are looking for. Some of the different types of bad bots that your online business should be aware of are those that generate stolen credit card information, hack account information on different websites, and even get into your business network and relay important business data such as pricing, strategies, and marketing plans, and relaying that to competitors to drive you out of business.

Ways in which you can counteract these bad bots are through increased online security measures such as the use of CAPTCHAs, the methods that differentiate bots from humans, or traffic monitoring programs to monitor possible bot activity so you can react accordingly.

Online connectivity provides your business and company access to millions of potential customers and clients to help your business grow and flourish. This potential for success comes with many risks and threats, but if you learn and understand where these threats can come from, you can protect yourself from such vulnerabilities.

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