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School Demerits System Engages Parent and Students

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School Demerit Points System

A school in northeastern Thailand has reportedly implemented a demerits points scoring system that has enraged parents, students, and netizens.

The system allegedly relates to a regulation to deduct “good behavior” points from students who do not stand or sing the national anthem and royal anthem loudly and clearly.

The issue has drawn public attention from parents and students after a Facebook account called “Bad Student” posted a picture on Saturday showing the regulations given to new students during orientation day at the Sangkha School in this province’s Sangkha district.

Following the regulations, students will lose 10 points if they refuse to stand for either anthem, five points if they do not sing both songs loudly, another 10 points for not being a “good student,” and five more for failing to participate in religious activities.

A student who conducts activities considered a threat to the highest institution and the three pillars of Thai society — nation, religion, and monarchy — will lose 50 points.

Students were told to leave the school

According to the Bad Student group, the school director told students during orientation that they should leave the school if they couldn’t accept the rules.

The director, who asked not to be identified, told the media that the regulations had been in place for many years since the student council approved them.

He declined to comment further.

In response, Mr. Samroeng Boonto, director of the Secondary Educational Service Area in Surin, said his office had already provided guidelines to the school director.

The guidelines were so they could revise their regulations in line with the criteria set by the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Basic Education Commission.

“The director is trying to maintain the highest level of discipline,” Samroeng said.

The director should ensure that all students understand how the deducted-points system works, and a verbal warning should be given before any points are deducted.

Mr. Samroeng said that the school must provide clear details about what behavior is considered seriously offensive.

Pre-school Slammed For Giving Demerit Points To Crying Toddlers

In February, Pre-school parents berserk on social media after a preschool announced that toddlers crying during an entrance exam would result in three demerit points.

The public was outraged, questioning whether the preschool in the northeast was being too strict with its potential students, who are only toddlers aged 3 to 5 years old.

The school director said the terms have existed for many years. Apparently, the crying penalty was imposed to ensure fairness to other students, who might be distracted by the crying of others.

The school director said, however, that the terms have already been removed after parents, rights groups, and the general public made strong criticisms of the school on social media.


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