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Bangladesh’s Wild Elephants Granted Legal Protection As High Court Bans Adoption

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(CTN News) – Bangladesh’s highly endangered wild elephants have been granted legal protection through a court order, prohibiting their adoption and safeguarding them from exploitation.

The High Court’s decision, which suspends all licenses, has been hailed by animal rights groups, putting an end to the capture and captivity of young Asian elephants.

Previously, these elephants, numbering around 200 in Bangladesh, with nearly half held in captivity, were subject to licenses issued by the forestry department.

These licenses allowed logging groups to capture and use the elephants for hauling logs or involved them in circus performances and street shows. However, such exploitation violated the terms of the licenses, prompting the court’s intervention.

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Legal Victory in Bangladesh: Court Order Aims to Safeguard Declining Asian Elephant Population

Bangladesh, once a vital habitat for Asian elephants, has faced a significant decline in their population due to the dual threats of poaching and habitat destruction.

In response to these challenges, a recent court order has been issued with the aim of putting an end to detrimental practices and providing protection for the remaining elephant population.

Rakibul Haque Emil, the head of the People for Animal Welfare (PAW) Foundation in Bangladesh, lauded the court order as a “landmark decision.”

He drew attention to the distressing separation of elephant calves from their mothers and the subsequent mistreatment endured for training purposes. The newfound legal protection raises hope for the potential rehabilitation of captive elephants.

Actor Jaya Ahsan, a collaborator with PAW in initiating the legal case, expressed optimism that this decision would bring an end to the harsh training methods inflicted on these majestic animals.

The court’s intervention is now recognized as a crucial step toward ensuring the well-being and conservation of Bangladesh’s diminishing wild elephant population.


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