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Responding To a Tornado In Northern Denton County, Paramedics Dispatched

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(CTN News) – In an effort to provide aid to a large number of Tornado individuals who were affected by the catastrophe, the Denton Fire Department announced on social media that firemen, rescue workers, and medical experts had been assigned to Marina Circle at Ray Roberts Lake in order to help those who needed assistance.

A tornado swept through the region late Saturday night,

Resulting in the creation of this statement after the event. This statement has been issued in response to the incident. The information that was available at the beginning of Sunday indicated that there was no information regarding the severity of the injuries that had been sustained.

According to the reports that have been received by the officers in command of the fire department, there were further victims who were trapped within the building. According to the Denton County Office of Emergency Management, a confirmed tornado was said to have crossed Interstate 35 between Sanger and Valley View on Saturday night.

This information was provided by the office. The report was the source of this information to be received. We have received this information from the officials who are affiliated with the county.

The National Weather Service in Fort Worth reported that the storm moved eastward across the northern half of Denton County, with tornadic circulation developing over Ray Roberts Lake State Park and Pilot Point. The information provided here was provided by the National Weather Service.

This information was made available to us by the National Weather Service. This information about the storm is relevant to the storm itself because it is the source of the information. Additionally, the group was on its way to provide support to the Sanger Fire crew so that they could respond to those folks who had sought assistance.

The group Tornado was planning to do this.

According to the authorities, there was a considerable amount of damage near the county line between Denton and Cook on Lone Oak Road. This damage was located along the road. It was reported that this loss of property had taken place.

Additional reports on social media said that the tornado that was confirmed to have occurred in Denton County caused semis to flip over, damaged automobiles that were not occupied along Interstate 35, and a power line to fall down. All of these incidents occurred along the highway. While traveling along the highway, each of these things took place. Every single one of these occurrences took place while the vehicle was moving along the highway.

As a result of the decision that was taken by the Denton County Office of Emergency Management at eleven forty-five minutes past eleven o’clock on Saturday evening,

The tornado warning that had been issued at earlier time was canceled. On Saturday evening, the Denton Fire Department posted an announcement on their social media platforms as the tornado warning approached the north side of the city boundaries.

This occurred earlier in the day. According to what they said, the city’s outdoor warning sirens began to ring automatically as a consequence of the warning.

This course of action was adopted as a consequence of the fact that the warning had made its way to the boundaries of the neighborhood. Each and every siren will ring simultaneously in the event that a tornado warning reaches the boundaries of the city for the first time.


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