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Parents Complain Over Rising Cost of Scout Uniforms



Parents Complain Over Price of Scout Uniforms

Following parents’ complaints and online debates, Education Minister Trinuch Thienthong has asked schools to consider whether scout uniforms should be mandated for pupils in scouting programs.

Ms. Trinuch spoke directly about the current hot topic on Monday amid concern among parents that this was a burden they could be relieved of while the economy is in a recession.

The Ministry of Education is aware of the cost of uniforms, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Nevertheless, she insisted that the course’s content is still useful for students.

She said, “I instructed every school to be more lenient about uniform wearing. Students wearing only part of the uniform are also allowed.”

In addition, she added that, although the 15-year compulsory free education scheme covers the payment of uniforms, the Ministry of Education has arranged extra cash payments to help struggling parents.

The ministry is also considering increasing support fees for parents to cover the costs, she added.

According to her, scouting is a compulsory program because it trains students to be disciplined and provides them with volunteer opportunities. A curriculum can be revised if it no longer fits the current context.

Uniforms Not Necessary

After parents lamented the cost of the program on the Kru Waendam Facebook page, the page recently asked members for their opinions.

One post read, “Thai education should have made changes to the scouting program a long time ago. Students should be trained in areas such as asset management to be prepared for the modern workplace.”

However, many who disagreed said that the program fosters independence and equips students to deal with emergencies, and openly wondered why there have been so many complaints recently.

“Former governments never subsidized uniforms, school supplies, or books. How did people manage then? Kids these days complain a lot. Perhaps they could use the money they spend on internet connections instead?” another user said.

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