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Police Seize 5.2 Million Meth Pills in Three Drug Busts

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Police Seize 4.9 Million Meth Pills in Two Drug Busts

Police announced on Saturday that four members of a suspected drug network in southern Thailand were arrested, and 1.2 million meth pills were seized.

Police officers also seized a pickup, a motorcycle, and five mobile phones from the suspects arrested in the Thung Song district in Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The arrests came after an investigation into allegations that the four were part of a major drug network in the South. According to provincial police chief Pol Maj Gen Somchai Suetortrakul, they smuggled the methamphetamine from the North to sell in Southern Thailand.

Initially, police arrested 2 people — Somyos Jaidee, 57, and Supiwa Ratsupha, 20 — and seized 20,000 meth pills from them in the Thung Song district. Itthiphat Aksornthai, 20, was arrested in tambon Na Maiphai after a follow-up investigation.

Surachate Phetmatsri, 33, was apprehended, and five sacks containing 1.18 million meth pills were found hidden under cabbage bags in his pickup truck.

Police Seize 4.9 Million Meth Pills

Meanwhile, around 7 p.m. on Friday, soldiers manning a checkpoint in Chiang Mai noticed a suspicious pickup truck parked about 100 meters from a checkpoint on the Fang-Mae Suai Road in Fang district.

The soldiers searched the vehicle as it approached the checkpoint but found nothing illegal inside.

However, after the pickup had left, they inspected the area where the vehicle had been parked and discovered two sacks containing 300,000 meth pills, according to police.

In central Thailand, a couple suspected of being major drug traffickers in Ayutthaya were apprehended in Wang Noi district, with 3.7 million meth pills seized.

A man who came to get drugs from them was also detained.

Police Seize 4.9 Million Meth Pills

Mr. Witthaya Suksathian, 24, and his wife Waranya Panthong, 21, were apprehended with 100,000 methamphetamine pills in front of a home in tambon Lam Sai on Friday night, according to Narcotics Suppression Bureau police.

During interrogation, the pair stated they had rented a room to store drugs in the same tambon. Police officers led them to the location, where they discovered 3.67 million meth pills.

A pickup truck and a car were also seized from the couple.

Thanatphong Sutheearunroj, 34, was arrested after showing up to pick up the drugs in front of the house where the couple had been busted earlier.

Police detained all the suspects on drug-related charges.

Meth Factories in the Golden Triangle Produce 280 Million Pills Daily

Meth Factories in the Golden Triangle Produce 280 Million Pills Daily

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