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Police Find Missing 21-Year-Old Man Dead, Body Burnt

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Police Find Missing 21-Year-Old Man Dead, Body Burnt

According to police, on Monday night, a man’s burned body was discovered on the grounds of a school near his home in the Prakhon Chai district of Buri Ram, Thailand.

A caretaker at Ban Salaeng Thon School reported to authorities that when he arrived at the school at about 8:30 p.m. to begin his night shift, he detected a burning odour. The odour originated from behind the school.

When he investigated and discovered a deceased man whose corpse was still engulfed in flames, he alerted the neighbours and then notified the authorities.

Police and a doctor from Prakhon Chai Hospital were called to the school.


When the police arrived, they found a deceased man face down.

He had been struck in the head with a hard object, leaving a large wound. Flames had nearly completely consumed his T-shirt and pants, and there were burns on the back of his body.

Near the body were some oil sludge, a pair of shoes, a lighter, and a shoulder bag with a wallet containing 280 baht in cash, a mobile phone, and two packs of cigarettes.

The deceased was later identified as Mr. Thanatat Chankae, 21, who resided approximately 500 meters from Ban Salaeng Thon School.

Yupaporn Kesaro, Thanatat’s 22-year-old wife, reported that she and her husband had returned from Germany on Sunday evening.

On Monday, at about 5 p.m., there was a party to honour her birthday with approximately ten relatives. Just after 6 p.m., she realized her spouse was absent from the party.

She went to the grocery store and requested to view the security camera tape. It showed her husband passing the grocery store at 6:55 p.m. He vanished into the night.

They believe Mr. Thanatat was murdered, and his body was set on fire to conceal the crime.


Police Hunt for Murderers

Meanwhile, police officers in northeastern Thailand have sought an arrest warrant for two suspects in connection with the deadly shooting of a businessman at Khon Kaen airport on Sunday.

Khon Kaen police said investigators sought arrest warrants for two suspects.

According to police, investigators believed they had clear proof that the two individuals fired the rounds that killed Mr. Phanom Thiprattanamonkhol, 40.

The two suspects face charges of theft, murder, illegally possessing firearms, and using them in a public place without justification.

Phanom, a mobile phone salesman in Khon Kaen, was slain on the road near the airport early Sunday morning.

He was wounded in the back, with one bullet exiting through his right chest and two more exiting through his stomach.


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