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Police Charged with Attempted Murder After Firing at Vehicle



Police Charged with Attempted Murder After Firing on Fleeing Vehicle

Three police officers have been charged with attempted murder after two young men were shot and seriously wounded at a road checkpoint on Sunday.

On Tuesday, the details were posted on the headquarters website of the Internal Security Operation Command.

The shooting occurred shortly after 2 am on Sunday at a police checkpoint on a road through Ban Kamphaeng village in Narathiwat, according to a report from the Royal Thai Police southern border provinces operation centre.

Five young men in a Toyota Vigo pickup approached the checkpoint. Three plainclothes policemen signalled them to stop so they could be searched.

However, the driver of the pickup sped past the checkpoint without stopping. The three police officers opened fire on the fleeing vehicle. Several bullets struck two young men in the pickup.

They were taken to Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital after the pickup came to a halt.

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One of the victims’ fathers said his son and friends were camping near Ban Phikunthong village. Towards the early hours of the morning, his son and four friends travelled from the campsite to a 24-hour convenience store to buy some food.

A group of three men in plainclothes signalled them to stop as they approached the police checkpoint. Uncertain whether the policemen were genuine, the driver sped past the checkpoint and the three men then opened fire at them.

Three policemen were accused of attempted murder in a complaint filed with the provincial police.

Narathiwat police chief Pol Maj Gen Waesame Salae said the three officers were stationed at the Tanyong police station. In response to a report that a number of drugs would be delivered through the village, their commander asked them to set up a checkpoint there.

According to Pol Maj Gen Waesamae, the three policemen manning the checkpoint were initially charged with attempted murder following the filing of the complaint.

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