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Passenger Bus Crashes Killing Driver and Injuring 47 Students and Teachers

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Passenger Bus Crashes Killing Driver

On Friday night, a passenger bus crashed with a truck in Nakhon Ratchasima, injuring 47 students and teachers and killing the driver. The collision occurred at 10.30 p.m., prompting police to respond.

A passenger bus bringing 39 students and 12 staff on a field trip from Chaiyaphum province to Bangkok’s Temple of the Emerald Buddha reportedly collided with the back of a truck hauling sugarcane when it crossed into the bus lane.

Bus driver Abhisit Boonyotha, 41, was slain, and 47 passengers, including faculty and pupils ages nine to eleven, were injured. Dan Khun Thot Hospital received all of the injured patients.

The tragedy has been compared to a similar disaster that occurred in Sukhothai on March 17 of last year, killing two people and injuring over 40. That crash also occurred late at night.

The Office of Basic Education Commission (Obec) regulations prohibit student transportation at night. There are calls for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the nocturnal field trip.

Bus Crashes in Central Thailand Killing 5 Passengers, Injuring 30

Passenger Bus Crashes in Thailand

Bus accidents in Thailand have long been a source of worry, with recent events highlighting the dangers that both passengers and drivers confront.

Recent reports from Thailand have highlighted the deadly effects of bus accidents. For example, on December 4, 2023, a terrible bus disaster in western Thailand killed 14 people and injured nearly 30. This incident serves as a sharp reminder of the perils associated with vehicle mobility in the country.

Another event on the same day saw a double-decker bus veer off the road and collide with a tree, killing 14 people. These accidents highlight the critical need for improved safety standards in Thailand’s bus industry to avoid future fatalities.

A variety of variables contribute to bus accidents in Thailand, including road conditions, driver behavior, and vehicle maintenance concerns.

The difficult road infrastructure in some areas of Thailand, combined with inadequate bus maintenance, can create dangerous situations for drivers and passengers.

Additionally, driver weariness, reckless driving behaviors, and a failure to follow traffic regulations are common causes of bus accidents in the country.

3 Passengers and 2 Children Burned Alive in Double-Decker Bus Fire

Addressing these root causes through comprehensive safety standards and greater enforcement of transportation rules is critical to lowering the frequency of bus accidents in Thailand and protecting passengers’ lives.

The Thai government has implemented critical safety legislation and steps to address bus accident prevention. These measures include tight maintenance rules for passenger buses, driver training programs, and regular vehicle inspections.

By enforcing these restrictions, authorities hope to ensure that buses on Thai roads satisfy safety requirements and lower the likelihood of accidents. One significant project is the Department of Land Transport’s efforts to regulate the safety of double-decker buses.

The government is actively attempting to reduce the number of incidents involving these types of buses by introducing specific measures such as regular safety checks and enhanced driver training.


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