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Chinese Tourist Killed By Speeding Pickup While Using Zebra Crossing

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Chinese Tourist Killed Zebra Crossing Thailand

On the first day of his visit to Thailand, a Chinese tourist was killed after he was hit by a speeding pickup vehicle on a zebra crossing in the Bang Bo district of Samut Prakan province on Friday night.

Police are looking for a 35-year-old Cambodian male who is suspected to have driven the vehicle and failed to stop. A search of his flat revealed that he may have gone, and border checkpoint authorities were contacted.

The deadly crash occurred in front of a hotel off Bang Na Garden Road, according to police from the Bang Bo police station. The incident occurred around 10 p.m.

Police, medical staff, and rescue workers rushed to the site, discovering a 67-year-old Chinese man unconscious on the road with significant injuries. Medics tried cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him but couldn’t save him. His name was concealed pending notification to his family.

A tourist police patrol was in the vicinity at the time of the event, and they took note of the black Toyota pickup truck’s licence plate number. The vehicle, which had a siren light on the roof, fled the area at fast speed. A further investigation revealed that the license plate number was counterfeit.

Chinese Tourist Killed Zebra Crossing Thailand

Security footage from in front of the hotel captured the moment the tourist was hit by the speeding pickup while crossing the zebra crossing. The impact accelerated his body roughly 100 yards. Other Chinese tourists and hotel security personnel rushed to assist him as the vehicle fled.

Kittithara Arjor, a tour guide accompanying the Chinese tour group, stated that they had just arrived in Thailand earlier that day. According to the tour guide, the event occurred when the victim crossed the road to return to his hotel room after leaving a nearby 7-Eleven.

Pol Lt Pongmethas stated that the victim’s body was transported to Ramathibodhi Chakri Naruebodindra Hospital in Samut Prakan for a postmortem examination. Police are also working with the Chinese embassy and a center to assist Chinese travelers visiting Thailand.

Chinese Tourist Killed Zebra Crossing Thailand

Later Saturday morning, authorities discovered the pickup parked at Prayot Karnyotha Co, a construction firm in Tambon Bang Poo, Muang district, Samut Prakan. The front area of the car was damaged, and the siren light was removed.

The automobile registration showed that it was owned by a woman whose name was hidden. When police brought her to the Bang Bo station for interrogation, she admitted to selling it to a Cambodian who worked at the firm some months earlier.

However, the transfer had not yet occurred. Forensic authorities obtained fingerprints from the vehicle, which matched those of a 35-year-old Cambodian man named Thon.

Investigators later examined the driver’s apartment, but it looked that he and his wife escaped with their possessions on Friday night, according to Police at the Bang Bo police station.

Investigators are working with border officials to prevent the man from fleeing the country. Police are also contacting Mr Thon’s relatives to convince him to surrender.

Zebra Crossings in Thailand

Zebra Crossings in Thailand

Every day, pedestrians in Thailand encounter considerable challenges when trying to cross the road safely at zebra crossings. The risks posed by speeding vehicles that do not follow traffic restrictions at these crossings have a significant impact on road safety throughout the country.

Several reasons contribute to drivers speeding at Thailand’s zebra crossings. Cultural norms that prioritize car flow over pedestrian safety have a substantial impact.

Furthermore, the lack of stringent enforcement of traffic regulations creates a sense of impunity among drivers, resulting in a disrespect for speed restrictions and safety guidelines at these critical pedestrian crossings.

Statistics reflect a worrisome reality: zebra crossings are the site of a considerable percentage of pedestrian accidents caused by speeding cars. According to recent research, more than 60% of pedestrian accidents in Thailand happen at marked crossings.

These results highlight the vital necessity for drivers to obey speed limits and exhibit caution near zebra crossings.

One intriguing case study included a speeding incident at a zebra crossing in Bangkok, in which a pedestrian narrowly escaped colliding with a reckless car. This event highlights the unexpected nature of such surroundings and the potential dangers pedestrians confront when vehicles fail to prioritize safety.

The government has implemented proactive steps to reduce speeding at zebra crossings. Drivers are taught the need of yielding to pedestrians at designated crossings through awareness campaigns.

Law enforcement has also been attentive in enforcing speed restrictions around zebra crossings in order to dissuade offenders and ensure compliance with traffic laws.

By combining education and tough enforcement, the government hopes to make pedestrians safer and minimize the number of accidents caused by speeding automobiles.

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