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Online Casino Industry on the Uptick during Coronavirus Pandemic

We take a look at the impact coronavirus pandemic has had on the gambling industry worldwide and how online casinos have profited from the physical distancing measures being imposed.

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How Well Have Online Casinos Performed during the Pandemic?

The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of our daily lives, both in Thailand and across the world. With physical distancing measures in place and most businesses shut down, people around the world have been seeking for new ways to satisfy their pleasures and hobbies.

Gambling as such is banned across Thailand, but going to Malaysia to enjoy some casino games was a common pastime for many. Such trips and vacations have been temporarily banned and even people in Malaysia can now only gamble online. Some of the best online casinos in Malaysia can be found at this site and some of them have been the next best thing for gamblers in that country.

We take a look at how well online casinos have been doing in the world in general during the pandemic and why this was one of the few industries to actually boom over the last half a year.

Physical Distancing is bad for Business

Traditional businesses such as restaurants, bars and casinos have been suffering in countries around the world and in Malaysia alike. Such businesses were forced to close down for the time being in order to slow down the spread of the deadly virus, which has affected many in ways they may never recover from. These measures, however, have been showing results.

Even casinos and gambling establishments that were allowed to open up in some countries have been forced to exercise certain special measures. These include asking their customers to wear masks, insisting on physical distancing and placing plastic barriers between players.

As one would expect, this has had a terrible impact on the gambling industry, which is based around human interaction and entertainment. If players are asked to sit quietly with a mask on their face and without interacting with others, they might as well stay home.

Online Casinos Booming

Staying at home is what many players actually decided to do in Malaysia. Online gambling has been gaining traction in South-eastern Asia even before the pandemic and with people asked to stay home, things could not have come together in a better way for online operators.

Such sites immediately jumped at the opportunity to offer their users special promotions and offers and this lured in countless players. Online casinos nowadays offer an experience that is very much on par with that of live casinos and this was truly felt during the pandemic.

So far, the online gambling industry has seen significant booms in Asia and rest of the world, with the player pool constantly increasing and more players shifting away from live gambling. Of course, this will change somewhat once more once the pandemic is over, but the online player numbers are likely to remain high.

One of the major things that players have recognized is that online casinos not only offer more games and versatility, but also higher payout rates. With such great conditions and special bonuses available for all players, reasons to play online are ample.

The next few months will be critical for live casinos as they will likely get a chance to reopen and try to get their customers back. What will be interesting to see is whether players who have discovered the joys of online gambling will be looking to go back to playing live or simply be satisfied to enjoy their newly found hobby.


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