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Sunak Will Become Britain’s Youngest Prime Minister Ever On Tuesday



Sunak Will Become Britain's Youngest Prime Minister Ever On Tuesday

(CTN News) – Following his victory in the leadership election for the governing Conservative Party, which was set off by Liz Truss’ resignation last week, Rishi Sunak will take over as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The markets were in complete disarray after Truss’s departure due to her terrible tax reduction proposals and policy U-turns, which led to Sunak’s victory on Monday. The Bank of England made an unusual intervention in response to the unexpected economic crisis.

In his first address since winning the competition, Sunak warned on Monday that Britain has significant economic difficulties and requires stability and unity.

We certainly have a significant economic dilemma, according to Sunak. “We now need stability and togetherness, and I will make uniting our party and nation my top priority.”

Former finance minister Sunak has been tasked with guiding a divided nation through an economic crisis that would make millions of people poorer.

Sunak is “quite well situated,” according to routers, who is based in London, despite the difficulties ahead.

In terms of putting out the flames that Liz Truss started, part of his job has already been completed, according to Simmons, since it did produce a storm in the markets.

Sunak and others have claimed that the whole list of tax cuts and proposals belongs to Disneyland since none of them could have been implemented without further destabilizing the economy.

Thirty MPs supported Sunak’s only rival, former defence minister and House of Commons leader Penny Mordaunt, as opposed to close to 150 who supposedly supported Sunak.

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Just before the winner was to be declared, Mordaunt announced her withdrawal from the contest in a statement, calling it “a historic choice” that once again demonstrated the variety and brilliance of our party. “Rishi has my whole backing,”

Last month, Truss defeated Sunak and Mordaunt in the campaign to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister. In July, he was compelled to make his resignation public due to several controversies involving gatherings conducted during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sunak will be the first Hindu and person of colour to serve as prime minister.

Sunak will be the first Hindu and person of colour to hold the position of prime minister in the UK. He will serve as the youngest prime minister in more than 200 years at 42.

The wealthy former head of a hedge fund is anticipated to make significant expenditure cutbacks to restore the UK’s economic credibility as the nation is being pulled into a recession by rising energy and food prices.

He will also take over an ideologically divided political party, a situation that has hurt the careers of numerous prior Conservative leaders.

Johnson withdrew from the competition on Sunday, despite weekend rumours suggesting a return.

He said he had the support of 102 lawmakers and could have returned to Downing Street, but he could not convince Sunak or Mordaunt to unite behind him “in the national interest.”

Johnson remarked, “I think I have a lot to give, but I’m afraid this just isn’t the appropriate moment.”

Sunak will be appointed prime minister by King Charles III since the Tories continue to have a majority in parliament and he is its leader.

The ability of Sunak to manage the nation’s economy and keep the many feuding sections of the party together has been questioned by economists.

On October 31, Jeremy Hunt, the fourth person to hold the position in the last four months, is scheduled to propose a budget to close a deficit in the public finances that may have grown as large as 40 billion pounds ($45.2bn).

Alex Deane, a conservative political pundit, pointed out that the party’s own members overthrew the past three Conservative prime ministers.

Deane told Al Jazeera, “So it’s quite pleasant to hear people speak positive things about our new leader.”

Deane said, “[Sunak] didn’t have a direct electoral mandate.” “… One of the things he will have to do is oversee a comparatively quiet time, assuring the markets and refraining from acting too quickly or boldly.

He said, “He is likely to maintain Jeremy Hunt as chancellor, which is one of the things he would do.” “When he came, he greatly calmed the markets. He is unable to convince Tory MPs to show their allegiance to him.

U.K. prime ministers with the fewest days in office since 1900

Liz Truss September 2022 October 2022
48 days
Andrew Bonar Law October 1922 May 1923
209 days
Sir Alec Douglas-Home October 1963 October 1964
362 days
Sir Anthony Eden April 1955 January 1957
644 days
Henry Campbell-Bannerman December 1905 April 1908
850 days
Gordon Brown June 2007 May 2010
1,049 days
Neville Chamberlain May 1937 May 1940
1,078 days
Theresa May July 2016 July 2019
1,106 days
James Callaghan April 1976 May 1979
1,124 days
Boris Johnson July 2019 September 2022
1,140 days
Arthur Balfour July 1902 December 1905
1,241 days



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