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Myanmar Bomber Kills Villagers 400 Meters From Thai Border



Bomb from Myanmar MiG-19 Kills Villagers 400 Meters From Thai Border

Several people were killed and others wounded when a Myanmar MiG-29 fighter jet missed its target and dropped a bomb on a Karen village near the Thai border.

Just one day earlier, a MiG-29 fighter jet had strayed into Thai airspace in northern Thailand’s Tak province. In response, Myanmar’s military government apologized and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha described the incident as “no big deal”.

The Royal Thai Air Force’s chief of staff, ACM Napadej Dhupatemiya, also dismissed criticism that the Air Force was too slow in intercepting a Myanmar Mig-29 aircraft.

The attack on Friday night forced almost 100 villagers to flee across the Moei River into northern Thailand.

The Myanmar military MiG-29 jet dropped one large bomb allegedly targeting a Karen military outpost at Thibabo village in Myawaddy. However, the bomb instead landed directly in the middle of the village.

The people who were killed and wounded in the attack were having meals in their houses at the time. The wounded were sent for treatment at Phop Phra Hospital. The attack took place just 400 metres from the Thai border, Myanmar Now reported.

According to the Bangkok Post and Amarin TV, three villagers were killed and three others wounded.

It was reported on Amarin TV that the bomb landed on the house of the village head of Thibabo. Thai authorities allowed the wounded people to be transported by boat across the Moei River to a hospital in Tak for treatment.

Myanmar Military Careless

It was reported by Amarin TV that the dead victims were in possession of official documents issued by Thai authorities. The first person had a Thai ID card, the second had a highland card, and the third person had a 10-year card.

Also among the wounded were two people with Thai ID cards, and another with a Highlander ID card. Documents held by the third victim were not described.

It is estimated that 92 Karen villagers, most of whom were children and women, fled across the Moei River into Tak province after the attack.

Additionally, shrapnel landed on the roof of a house in a village on the Thai side of the border. The incident did not result in any injuries.

Residents of two Thai border villages have been gripped by fear due to loud explosions in Myanmar. There have been many people taking refuge in bunkers.

A large number of Thai soldiers have been deployed to beef up border security.

Myanmar soldiers and ethnic Karen rebels continued fighting in Myawaddy town on Saturday, the seventh consecutive day of heavy clashes between them.

Meanwhile, Manop Kiriphuwadol, a Move Forward Party MP, criticized the government for failing to contribute to efforts to restore peace in Myanmar which is plagued by fighting between junta troops and Karen resistance groups.

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