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Muslim Women in Thailand Slam Polygamous Doctor Promoting 3 Additional Wives

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Muslim Women Slam Polygamous Doctor

A group of Muslim women in southern Thailand are protesting a doctor for advertising marital services online to help local Muslim men find up to three additional wives.

The women claim that such polygamous matchmaking violates the Koran’s example.

Dr. Waemahadi Wae-dao, a physician and former MP from the predominantly Muslim southern border region, dismisses criticism of his fee-based matchmaking services.

He claims to be well-meaning and to be assisting in the matching of men with wives in accordance with the Islamic philosophy that enables Muslim men to have up to four wives.

Dr. Wae, who has four wives, began offering his services by promoting them on his Facebook profile.

The plan was to eliminate secret extramarital affairs and assist both parties in finding suitable Muslim mates in southern Thailand.

Muslim Women Slam Polygamous Doctor

In some areas of Thailand’s deep south, women are predominantly impoverished and insurgency-ridden areas bordering Malaysia.

For each successful match, he charges men 12,000 baht (about $315 USD).

“This has resulted in several internet criticisms, both polite and nasty.” But I don’t really care. “I consider them ridiculous,” he told BenarNews.

Imams, or Muslim teachers, are required to execute such marriages since a man under Islamic law can marry up to 4 women as long as he can provide for and support each of his wives and children.

Dr. Wae’s practices are out of date in today’s world, according to Anchana Heemina, president of the Thai NGO Duay Jai (With Heart).

“He is considering religious considerations as well as the requirements of those who wish to marry more than one person.”

“However, he overlooks the reasons why marrying four women were permitted in the past in comparison to the reality of these concepts in today’s situation,” she says.

Polygamy (multiple wives) is only encouraged in the Islamic religion when it comes to “oppressed or orphaned among women.” She believes that marrying more than one woman can bring impoverished assistance.

“If we follow all of the guidelines of Islam, widows and destitute women should be chosen regardless of their looks, shape, or education, which is improbable, she said.”

Muslim Men Marrying for Lustful Reasons

Muslim Men Marrying for Lustful Reasons

Wae’s matchmaking service, according to Anchana, requires women to describe their status, education, attractiveness, height, and weight “as if they are competitors in a competition for the men to choose from.”

She and five other women interviewed by BenarNews in the Deep South said they were against males marrying four wives, noting that many men’s primary reason is that Prophet Mohammad permitted it.

According to the women, many of these men are unable to provide financial support to the women and their children they are marrying in accordance with the Prophet’s teachings.

Habsoh, a 17-year-old unmarried woman in Pattani province, said social media, particularly Dr. Wae’s personal Facebook posts, are attracting attention to something that has been buried for years.

“Muslim men are seeking lust rather than following the Prophet’s good example.” The Prophet’s method is flawless. “It was excellent, without a doubt,” she stated.

“These men foolishly choose to have four wives under the guise that Islamic law permits it, although they bear no responsibility for any of their wives or children.”

“They do not adequately financially support, or even give time and love equally,” she claimed, saying that some men with many wives “force their women to work to support them.”

She claimed that there had been numerous occurrences like this in her community.

“The heavily pregnant lady must work in the rubber plantation and raise young children while the father of the family lives carefree,” Habsoh explained.

The doctor’s Multi-step Love Program

Dr. Wae, who previously represented a legislative constituency in Narathiwat province, said he began marketing his “matchmaking business” this year after the COVID-19 outbreak subsided.

He said he watched people trying to find mates while working as a physician, politician, businessman, and social worker in many parts of the country, so he decided to discover a remedy for lonely hearts.

He stated that he had received applications from almost 1,700 persons. Many of his clients are men looking for their first wives, but about 170 of them are looking for additional spouses.

“One, according to Islam, men and women cannot live together without marriage; two, there is a significant number of unmarried women aged between 27 and 35; and three, men were having difficulty finding nice ladies to marry,” Dr. Wae explained.

He stated that he had devised a multi-step plan that includes finding a couple with “matching chemistry” and introducing them to each other; organizing a video call between the two in the presence of staff; scheduling a meeting with the couple and a chaperone; making a formal marriage proposal, and organizing the wedding.

“Some issues they’ve run into are that there are more women than men, and sometimes the women aren’t comfortable with polygamy,” Dr. Wae explained. “The dispute originates from misunderstandings and negative experiences with reckless, careless, and unjust men.”

When reporters spoke with the matchmaker earlier this month, two Muslim wedding ceremonies for couples he had paired were planned for the coming weeks. Both grooms are already married.

Abdul, a Yala province native who requested that his last name not be used, claimed he had two wives but that his affection for each was not equal.

“My solution is to keep the two apart. “If that happens, a war will erupt,” Abdul said. He admitted that it is not always possible for a guy to provide fairly and equally for all of his wives. “There can never be equal affection for both,” Abdul explained, “but I want to be with both.”

“I know the first wife is in tears, but she has to go along with it since the Muslim religion permits it.” She must come to terms with it, he said”

muslim girl

Thai Muslim Islamic leaders Restrict Marriage Age

Thailand’s Islamic governing council has enacted new legislation in 2018 requiring religious committee approval for weddings involving minors under the age of 17.

The lawsuit followed a backlash earlier this year over an 11-year-old Thai girl who married a 41-year-old Malaysian man, prompting calls in both nations for tougher anti-child marriage legislation. According to reports, the girl was returned to Thailand from Malaysia and placed in the custody of Thai social welfare personnel.

In Thailand, Muslim children of any age could previously marry with permission from their parents, but now youngsters under the age of 17 must additionally seek approval from an Islamic committee, which will determine whether the marriage is proper.

Wisut stated that the policy went into force on December 4, 2018, after Sheikhul Islam, Thailand’s senior Muslim leader, signed his consent.

According to human rights campaigner Angkhana Neelaphaijit, the regulation does not have the force of law and carries no penalties for those who violate it.

For family matters and inheritance, Muslims in Thailand’s four southernmost provinces follow Islamic law. However, there is no minimum age for marriage. In the Buddhist-dominated country, three of the four provinces have Muslim majorities, while the fourth has a sizable Muslim community.

Thai law, which applies throughout the country, states that the minimum legal age for marriage is 17, though courts may allow younger people to marry if there is a good reason. However, the reasons are not specified in the law.

According to Angkhana, Thailand’s Islamic leaders’ new move is a beginning in the right way, but more work is needed to preserve people’s rights.

“It is a good thing that the Sheikhul Islam Office has introduced this policy, but we must also try to achieve an agreement with religious leaders on what we can do to penalize violators,” she said.

Angkhana further stated that because Thailand’s four southern provinces apply Muslim Islamic law for family matters, a legal loophole has permitted a boom of Malaysian males travelling to southern Thailand for second or third weddings, owing to the lack of scrutiny compared to what they face at home.

“The issue is that in Malaysia if a Muslim man wants a second or third wife, he must seek approval from a court.” But there is no such regulation in Thailand, and no one checks whether a man is wealthy enough to support a family,” she explained.

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