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Drugstore Chain Busted for Selling Cough Syrup to Minors, 20 Arrested

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Drugstore Chain Busted

Police raided a drugstore network and detained 20 employees for selling illegal amounts of cough syrup to minors to manufacture a drug cocktail called 4×100.

The drugstore raids were made at 19 locations in Bangkok and Pathum Thani, run by three licensed retailers.

The Food and Drug Administration reported the drugstore raid details on Friday.

The FDA started 20 pharmacist and or assistants arrested, and 2.4 million baht worth of cough syrup, antihistamines, and other pharmaceuticals were seized.

According to the FDA, the raided locations were branches of three drugstores owned by Mr. Thanakit, Mr. Thanathep, and Mr. Khomphit. The FDA did not reveal their surnames.

Authorities claim that the three men had secured permission to open numerous drugstores to obtain quotas for large quantities of cough syrup and antihistamines, primarily supplied to teenagers.

The FDA investigators discovered that the drugstore was selling more than the three bottles of cough syrup permitted per buyer each time, surpassing the legal limit.

Cough syrups were made with diphenhydramine, promethazine, and dextromethorphan.

drugstore chain raided

To avoid drug abuse, authorities had limited purchases of cough syrup by individual drugstores to a maximum of 300 bottles each month, and sales of cough syrup to individual clients to a maximum of three bottles each time, according to police.

Teenagers purchased cough syrup to mix with other narcotics to create the 4×100 drug cocktail.

He found it startling that most people arrested during the raids were not licensed, pharmacists. Some had only completed primary school.

Two of them would face charges of conspiring to sell drugs and illegally carrying and storing prescriptions. The other 18 would be prosecuted for practicing as a pharmacist without a license.

According to Dr. Worasuda Yoongthong of the FDA’s Drug Control Division, the raided drugstores were part of a network run by the three suspects to sell cough syrup, antihistamines, and the painkiller Tramadol (a synthetic opioid) to youths looking to build a drug cocktail.

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