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McDonald’s Pakistan Cuts Prices by Over 60% Amidst Boycott Over Alleged Ties to Israel



McDonald’s Pakistan Cuts Prices by Over 60% Amidst Boycott Over Alleged Ties to Israel

(CTN News) – Amid a backlash against Western companies for what they see as supporting Israel, McDonald’s Pakistan has lowered prices by nearly 50% to win back customers.

A growing online movement is calling on Pakistanis to cut relations with businesses that support Israel or have links to the Israeli military operation in Gaza, which has killed over 14,000 Palestinians since October 7.

Fast food chains, including McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Coke, and Pepsi, are among the companies that have come under fire for allegedly feeding Israeli troops or charitable organizations for free.

According to a statement from McDonald’s Pakistan, which runs 75 shops nationwide, the company has no say over the operations of its international branches and the Pakistanis who run its local franchises are completely autonomous.

The company issued a statement reassuring its clients that it understood their concerns and that its primary goal is to serve the Pakistani community with high-quality cuisine and service.

The business has announced a “mega deal” that brings the price of burgers, fries, and drinks down from Rs 375 to as little as Rs199.

People still aren’t happy about the price decrease; they’ve threatened to boycott McDonald’s and other Western companies unless they end their support for Israel.

According to Ali Raza, a student from Islamabad, “I won’t eat from McDonald’s or any other brand that supports the oppression of Palestinians,” regardless of how inexpensive the food is.

Some consumers also favored local companies that catered to halal and organic food preferences.

Karachi housewife Fatima Khan, speaking about the possibility to promote Pakistani businesses and products, remarked that they are healthier and more ethical.

Some customers in other Muslim nations, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and Morocco, have shifted to using different brands or products as a result of the boycott movement.

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