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Lamborghini Driver Trying to Avoid Collision Drives into Swamp

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Lamborghini in swamp

The driver of a Lamborghini supercar has ended up in a swamp while on a rush to the hospital just north of Bangkok. The Lamborghini driver was involved in an accident that resulted in his super car landing in a swamp.

The accident occurred in Pathum Thani Province on 31 March 2020 near the local motorway. Luckily the swamp was only knee-deep and the Lamborghini didn’t totally sink. According to INNews another vehicle suddenly cut in front of the super-car causing the driver to make a sudden turn. Unfortunately that turn landed his Lamborghini in the swamp.

A local villager that witnessed the accident said that at around 5PM she saw the super-car driving normally on the road. Then suddenly she heard the engine roar and saw one of the worlds fastest supercar heading into the swamp. The driver got out of the car and was taken hospital. Leaving the Lamborghini behind with the engine still running.

The driver who wishes to remain anonymous was around 40 years old. He told Thai media that he normally took this same road all the time, but on this date, he wasn’t so lucky.

Another vehicle cut him off and he suddenly turned the steering wheel and his Lamborghini ended up in the swamp. The swamp is located behind the Wat Jindaram Temple. The Lamborghini is worth more than Bt24 million (US$730,000). The insurance company has been notified about the accident. The car has been delivered to the repair center.

Lamborghini supercar rescued from swamp

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