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Korean Air A330 Overshoots Runway in Philippines, All 173 Onboard Safe



Korean Air A330 Overshoots Runway

A Korean Air Airbus A330 overshot a runway while landing in poor weather in the central Philippines late Sunday.  All 173 passengers and crew on board were safe, but the airport was closed because of the stalled aircraft.

According to (CCAP) the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, the Airbus A330 arriving from South Korea, overshot the runway on Mactan Island in Cebu province, forcing the airport to close.

“All passengers are safe and being attended to by ground staff,” the Philippine Civil Aviation Administration (PCAA) stated in a statement.

At least four incoming flights had to be diverted to Manila and other nearby airports. The PCAA did not immediately provide any information, such as if the aircraft was damaged. 

According to a statement from Korean Airlines, the Airbus A330 attempted to land twice in bad weather and overran the runway on the third attempt.

According to Korean Airlines, all passengers were evacuated through the aircraft’s escape slides as local emergency personnel were summoned to the airport.

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Korean Air Pushes for Maximum Working Hours For Pilots

Due to the Russian airspace ban is making some ultra-long-haul flights even longer, Korean Air is campaigning to change the maximum number of hours that pilots and other crews are allowed to work in a single time expanded.

On Tuesday, an Asiana Airlines flight from New York to Seoul was forced to divert to Tokyo due to high headwinds that exceeded the allowable number of working hours allowed for South Korean pilots.

South Korean pilots are permitted to fly for up to 16 hours under current air safety regulations. However, rerouting certain flights out of Russian airspace often brings flight times within minutes of this top limit.

Asiana and Korean Air, South Korea’s two largest airlines, anticipate the situation will worsen over the winter months as headwinds increase.

Flights from South Korea to New York used to go through Russian airspace and across the Arctic, but as a result of the political fallout from the Ukraine conflict, Asiana and Korean Air are now sending their jets across the Pacific to reach New York.

The departure flight takes about 13 hours, which is comfortably inside the time restriction set by Korea’s aviation regulator. However, the return flight usually takes between 15 and 15 and a half hours.

“Discussions between labour and management are underway to relax the cap on maximum flying hours for pilots.” It requires Transport Ministry clearance,” a Korean Air spokeswoman acknowledged to the English-language Korea Herald.

An Asiana Air spokesperson confirmed a similar initiative to expand pilot working hours, according to the publication.

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The guidelines for fatigue management for aircrew vary greatly, although, in most countries, the maximum ‘flight duty time’ that pilots are allowed to work includes time spent on the ground. 

Normally, the duty length can be prolonged by increasing the crew with more pilots and taking in-flight rest.

In Europe, the maximum duty length without augmentation is 14 hours, although this can be increased to 18 hours by rotating four pilots and using bunks for in-flight rest.

In Australia, regulators set a maximum duty length of 18 hours for pilots, but the civil aviation regulation has a convoluted ‘fatigue risk management system’ that permits airlines to extend that duty period even further if they can demonstrate they are controlling the risk of fatigue.

Qantas has been authorized to create duty limitations that exceed 20 hours under this approach, and even longer duty limits may be approved as the airline prepares for Project Sunrise flights with direct flights from Sydney and Melbourne to New York and London.

Source: The Associated Press, VOR News

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