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Thai Police Discover Cache of Firearms During Drug Raid



Thai Police Discover Cache of Firearms During Drug Raid

Wednesday morning, police raided a house in Thailand’s deep south and arrested a drug suspect, uncovering a cache of unregistered firearms and ammunition.

It was carried out after the arrest on Aug 24 of another drug suspect, Busree Ma-ae, who was found to have 1,981 pills of methamphetamine in his possession. According to the suspect, Tawiwat Suriwong, a 35-year-old man sold him the drugs.

Wednesday morning, the police showed up at Mr Tawiwat’s house to conduct a search. When they approached the house, three men sitting in an open area under the house fled into the adjacent rice field.

Police pursued the suspects and were only able to catch one of them, Mr Surachet Madle, 35. The two others, Mr Tawiwat and Pradit Musikasong, 43, evaded capture.

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Upon a search of the house, the police found over 700 methamphetamine tablets and 10.5 grams of crystal methamphetamine.

Furthermore, they found one AK47 rifle and two loaded magazines. One of the loaded magazines contained 30 7.62mm rounds, while the other had 29 rounds. They also found a 9mm pistol and two magazines; one which contained 15 rounds and the other 13; as well as an air rifle; a hand grenade; and a bullet-proof vest.

Four car licence plates, a white Toyota Camry; and four mobile phones were also impounded for examination by police during the raid.

A charge of possession of illicit drugs, firearms, and ammunition was filed against Mr Surachet.

The search for the two other suspects continued.

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