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IPS Vs VA: Which is the Best Monitor Display for Gaming in 2022

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IPS Vs VA: Which is the Best Monitor Display for Gaming?

As graphically rich games and competitive gaming become prevalent, choosing the right gaming monitor is more important than ever.

Gaming monitors are the most important output device of a Gaming PC as it is responsible for showing the final result of all the heavy lifting done by the internal components. The end product of all the rendering and processing is visible on the screen. Consequently, gaming monitors are crucial in delivering an immersive experience to gamers.

Just like choosing any other component for your gaming PC, choosing the right gaming monitor could be hard. With lots of options available on the market for every price range, it can be confusing for gamers, especially, the budding ones. The type of technology is one of the parameters that gamers focus on while looking at gaming monitors, namely IPS and VA.

In this article, we will describe both technologies and highlight the differences between them so that you can make a choice better suited for your needs.

IPS Panel for Gaming

In-plane switching (IPS) panels have a parallel arrangement of liquid crystals with respect to the glass substrates. When an electric field is applied, these crystals orient themselves differently while still remaining parallel to the substrates to produce the image. As far as gaming monitors are considered, IPS panels are the default favorite.

The IPS technology was designed to solve the discomforts related to viewing angle and color quality that affected other panel technologies.

IPS Panel

It is also worth noting that the electric field in IPS panels is applied parallel to the glass substrates resulting in the parallel alignment of the liquid crystals. Due to that, the electrodes capture more space resulting in lower contrast and brightness.

Using IPS paneled gaming monitors comes with its fair share of advantages.

Pros of IPS Panel for Gaming

  • Wide viewing angles: You can play your favorite games with your friends without struggling to enjoy the graphics. This is particularly helpful with larger monitors and playing from comfortable positions like the couch.
  • Great experience with touchscreen: VA and TN panels lighten or exhibit tailing when touched. While playing on touchscreen monitors IPS panels provide the best experience.
  • High refresh rate: Refresh rates determine how many times an image on the screen is updated in a second and hence contribute to smoother gaming experiences.
  • Low response time: The response time of a gaming monitor refers to the time lag between a gamer’s action on the input devices and its effects on the screen. IPS panels do a great job of keeping this low.
  • Improved image quality: IPS panels will enable you to enjoy your favorite games in the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

But there are a few disadvantages that you could experience while considering an IPS paneled gaming monitor.

Cons of IPS Panel

  • Energy consumption: All the features of the IPS panels require more energy. Expect your electricity consumption to increase if your previous monitor was non-IPS.
  • Hard on the budget: The amazing features of IPS panels come with a price that matches them.
  • Poor contrast ratio: The IPS panels have poorer black and white uniformity. They aren’t effective in displaying a bright image on a dark screen.
  • Backlight bleeding: Also known as “IPS glow”, it happens when too much energy is passed through the screen. However, it happens rarely.

After gaining an understanding of IPS panels, it is crucial to take a look at its contender in this article, VA panels.

VA Panels for Gaming

Vertically Aligned (VA) panels, as suggested by their name, has the liquid crystals aligned perpendicularly with respect to the glass substrates. Because of this arrangement of the liquid crystals, when polarized light is passed, the screen appears dark, giving the “black state”.

 the right gaming monitor is more important than ever.

When an electric field is applied, the LC molecules orient themselves horizontally, allowing the light to pass through to show the image.

After combining TFT advancements, anti-glare coatings, modern backlight units, and pixel designs, VA paneled screens deliver a great viewing experience. A considerable amount of credits goes to high contrast ratios. The contrast ratios of VA panels are so impressive that HDR TV makers have adopted VA panels.

If choosing a VA panel, here are the pros that you can look forward to as a gamer.

Pros of VA Panel

  • High contrast ratios: VA Panels come with contrast ratios of 6000:1 as compared to 1000:1 for IPS panels.
  • Affordable: As they fit in almost every budget, VA panels are widely considered by gamers who are starting out their journeys.
  • Energy-efficient: As compared to IPS panels, VA panels will not make a huge difference in your electricity bill.

However, there are also certain challenges that you should be aware of before purchasing a VA paneled gaming monitor.

Cons of VA Panel

  • Narrow viewing angle: VA panels provide the best gaming experience when the users sit perpendicularly to the screen. Viewing VA panels from a side causes the images to appear blurry and less consistent.
  • Low color gamut: The range of visible colors on a VA panel is lower as compared to an IPS panel.
  • High response time: When compared with IPS panels, VA panels fall short in response time. However, the modern VA paneled monitors have caught up really well.

Wrapping up

So, which one is the best for your gaming needs? Well, it depends on your budget and playing conditions. If you are on a limited budget and value contrast, you are better off with VA panels.

However, if you value image quality, want a better gaming experience, and have a flexible budget, then sticking with an IPS panel screen will be a better choice. We hope that this guide has helped you get one step closer to your gaming monitor.

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