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In Gaza’s Rafah, Israel Intensifies Its Strikes, Killing a Large Family

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In Gaza's Rafah, Israel Intensifies Its Strikes, Killing a Large Family

(CTN News) – As the Gaza Strip’s health ministry announced 29,313 deaths in the war so far, Israel intensified its bombardment of Rafah in Gaza’s south.

In Jerusalem, Israeli war cabinet member Benny Gantz said there are “promising early signs” on a new deal to release hostages held by Hamas in Gaza amid talks with the US, Egypt, and Qatar. IDF troops are stepping up operations in Khan Younis, north of Rafah. There was no mention of attacks on Rafah itself in the daily Gaza summary.

Most of them have fled their homes further north to escape Israel’s military onslaught and are now crammed in Rafah, on the southernmost fringe of the enclave.

UN officials and data say the flow of aid into Gaza from Egypt has almost dried up over the past two weeks, and a collapse in security has made it harder to distribute the food that does get through.

Over fears for civilian lives, Israel has said it’s preparing for a ground assault on Rafah, despite international opposition.

Residents of Rafah reported air strikes and explosions in the city, as well as naval boats firing on beachfront homes.

Over a dozen bodies were seen in white or black shrouds at a Rafah hospital following the raid on the Al-Noor family home.

The strike also killed Noor’s parents, brother and other relatives, as well as Abdulrahman Juma’s wife Noor. A bloodstained white shroud covered Kinza’s body. She’s one-and-a-half years old and took my soul away.” He said. Hamas denies using civilian buildings as cover.

Also, locals say Israeli tanks moved west from Khan Younis into Al-Mawasi, which the army had told Palestinians to seek shelter from.

In Khan Younis and Rafah, the tanks cut off the coastal road, but they retreated after a few hours, residents said. There have been 69,333 injuries in Gaza since Oct. 7, and 29,313 deaths, including 118 today. Hamas burst across the border into southern Israel on Oct. 7, killing 1,200 people and taking 253 hostage.

Israel has responded by attacking Gaza with an air and ground blitz that has displaced most of the 2.3 million residents, caused widespread hunger, and wreaked havoc.


During a televised press briefing, Gantz said efforts were continuing to broker a new hostage release deal and “early signs point to progress”.

He said, “We won’t stop looking for a way and we won’t miss any chance.”

The Israeli military will keep fighting in Gaza if no new deal is struck, Gantz said.

Despite weeks of talks, Israel has dismissed Hamas’ demands for a ceasefire and withdrawal from Gaza in exchange for more hostages as “delusional”. In exchange for 240 Palestinian prisoners held in Israel during the only truce so far, 110 hostages were freed. Gaza’s humanitarian situation keeps getting worse.

As a result of looting and gunfire, the World Food Program paused food aid deliveries to northern Gaza on Tuesday. Jordan airdropped four tonnes of UK-funded aid to Tal Al-Hawa Hospital in Gaza’s north on Wednesday, but “more aid is needed, fast”.


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