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Ramadan Calendar 2024 in Pakistan: Sehri & Iftar Timing

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Ramadan Calendar 2024 in Pakistan Sehri & Iftar Timing

(CTN News) – In 2024, as Ramadan approaches, Muslims in Pakistan look forward to a period of self-reflection, spiritual growth, and community building. During this holiest month of the Islamic calendar, the Ramadan calendar provides a roadmap for millions of believers nationwide. We’ve done a lot of research and have put together a Ramadan calendar for 2024.

Ramadan 2024 Dates:

Ramadan 2024 dates are announced, a big deal that marks the beginning of a month-long fasting, prayer, and introspection journey. According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan starts when a new moon appears. As the faithful await the announcement, there’s a palpable sense of excitement and readiness to engage in acts of worship and devotion. To start fasting in Ramadan, you recite Roza Rakhne ki Dua.

Rahmat 10 Days

Ramadan Date Day
01 Ramadan 13 March 2024 Wednesday
02 Ramadan 14 March 2024 Thursday
03 Ramadan 15 March 2024 Friday
04 Ramadan 16 March 2024 Saturday
05 Ramadan 17 March 2024 Sunday
06 Ramadan 18 March 2024 Monday
07 Ramadan 19 March 2024 Tuesday
08 Ramadan 20 March 2024 Wednesday
09 Ramadan 21 March 2024 Thursday
10 Ramadan 22 March 2024 Friday

Magfirat 10 Days

Ramadan Date Day
11 Ramadan 23 March 2024 Saturday
12 Ramadan 24 March 2024 Sunday
13 Ramadan 25 March 2024 Monday
14 Ramadan 26 March 2024 Tuesday
15 Ramadan 26 March 2024 Wednesday
16 Ramadan 27 March 2024 Thursday
17 Ramadan 28 March 2024 Friday
18 Ramadan 29 March 2024 Saturday
19 Ramadan 30 March 2024 Sunday
20 Ramadan 31 March 2024 Monday

Nazwat 10 Days

Ramadan Date Day
21 Ramadan 01 April 2024 Monday
22 Ramadan 02 April 2024 Tuesday
23 Ramadan 03 April 2024 Wednesday
24 Ramadan 04 April 2024 Thursday
25 Ramadan 05 April 2024 Friday
26 Ramadan 06 April 2024 Saturday
27 Ramadan 07 April 2024 Sunday
28 Ramadan 08 April 2024 Monday
29 Ramadan 09 April 2024 Tuesday
30 Ramadan 10 April 2024 Wednesday

Ramadan Calendar 2024:

During this auspicious month, Muslims in Pakistan need a comprehensive Ramadan calendar that outlines the schedule for daily activities. It’s a central tenet of Ramadan to fast from dawn to sunset, and the calendar outlines when suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and iftar (break of fast) should be. These timings change daily, so the calendar makes it easy to organize your daily schedules and keep religious obligations on track.

As we navigate through the days of Ramadan 2024 in Pakistan, let’s embrace the spiritual symphony that this sacred month brings. Ramadan is a time of self-discovery, compassion, and harmony. From the early morning prayers to the breaking of the fast with the Roza kholne ki dua, each moment is a note in the melody of devotion.

The Ramadan calendar isn’t just a list of meal times; it’s a structured plan for spiritual engagement. It’s not just a list of times for prayer; it’s a structured plan for spiritual engagement. During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to not just abstain from food but also get closer to God and elevate their spirituality.

Spiritual Reflection and Growth:

Muslims should take time out of Ramadan to reflect on themselves and grow, and the calendar for 2024 encourages them to do just that. With a greater emphasis on prayer and reading the Quran, believers can strengthen their relationship with Allah and become more mindful.

Community Unity:

Muslims also need to have a sense of community unity during Ramadan. They go to communal prayers, share iftar meals, and do charity together. As a unifying force, the calendar ensures everyone is synchronized in their efforts to serve others and worship.

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