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Husband Kills Wife, Mother-in-Law and Himself in Murder-Suicide

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murder-suicide Thailand

An irately jealous husband shot dead his wife and his mother-in-law, then called his mother before killing himself in an apparent murder-suicide at a home in the Khok Phochai area of Khon Kaen on Wednesday.

The three deaths occurred in Nong Thum village of Tambon Ban Khok and were reported to local authorities at about 3 a.m.

Inside the residence, emergency responders discovered the bodies of three people, all of whom had died from gunshots. Police named them Manee Khaokhonkha, 52; her daughter Chanadda Chareechai, 35; and Kraiphop Chareechai, 39.

Kraiphop worked in a factory in Chon Buri, according to police, while his wife Chanadda worked for the Tambon Naphaeng municipality’s internal audit department.

According to Pol Col Namchai Sriwiang, chief of Khok Phochai station, a post-mortem test revealed Chanadda had three bullet wounds in her chest. Her mother also had three wounds on her back and the back of her skull.

Husband Kills Wife, Mother-in-Law and Himself in Murder Suicide

Kraiphop suffered two gunshot wounds below his left breast. The dead were discovered on the ground floor of the two-story home, which also serves as a grocery shop.

Relatives informed the police. Kraiphop worked for a vehicle firm in Chon Buri and regularly visited his wife and their two children at his mother-in-law’s home in Khon Kaen.

He returned home this time after learning from a friend that his wife was having an affair. He discovered chats on her phone, which caused him to make charges that she was seeing another man on Facebook.

Kraiphop then purchased a firearm and used it to threaten his wife on Wednesday morning. His mother-in-law was there. When she came between them to defend her daughter, Kraiphop shot her. Manee collapsed, and Kraiphop shot his wife and then himself, according to authorities.


Chanadda’s eldest sister, Warissara Laokhonkha, 44, stated that there were no signals of impending catastrophe during Kraiphop’s previous visits home. She was unaware that her sister was in a relationship with another man, as he claimed.

Kraiphop’s mother, Chanthorn Chareechai, 67, also claimed he never discussed family concerns. Her son called her on Wednesday morning and told her he had slain his wife. He requested her to help raise his children. She quickly went to the house and discovered the three bodies.

Funeral services for Manee and her daughter were being held in the house where they were shot.

Murder-Suicide in Thailand

Domestic violence murder-suicide cases in Thailand have made headlines, causing worry and spurring inquiries into the root causes. These horrific events have left the nation looking for answers and remedies. Recent reports have highlighted a troubling trend of murder-suicides in Thailand involving both Thais and foreigners.

Incidents such as the murders of foreign couples in suspected murder-suicides and the terrible killings at a wedding have sparked public concern and highlighted the gravity of the situation.

The increase in murder-suicides has spurred debate regarding the elements that contribute to such terrible tragedies. Societal pressures, mental health concerns, interpersonal conflicts, and other complicated factors may all contribute to persons taking such drastic measures.

To successfully address the root problems, further investigation is required.

Murder-suicide thailand

The country’s mental health situation is a major issue that requires attention. Raising awareness about mental health, increasing access to support services, and de-stigmatizing getting treatment for mental health issues are all critical steps toward preventing such catastrophic results.

According to the Department of Mental Health Dr. Kiattiphum Wongrajit, efforts to prevent suicides in Thailand should include early intervention, crisis management, and encouraging people to seek treatment. Establishing support networks, encouraging open conversations about mental health, and giving resources to those in need can all make a big difference.

Collaboration among authorities, mental health experts, community leaders, and advocacy groups is critical in devising comprehensive solutions to address root causes and avert future tragedies.

Diverse stakeholders can collaborate to create a safer and more supportive environment. The occurrence of murder-suicides in Thailand is a complex issue that requires widespread attention and response.

Understanding the complexities of these occurrences, addressing mental health, and encouraging teamwork can help to reduce risk factors and prevent further loss of life.

Society must band together to solve this important issue and work toward a healthier future for everybody.

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