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Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer When Falsely Accuse of Domestic Violence

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Did Someone Falsely Accuse You of Domestic Violence? What Do You Need to Do in Such a Situation? Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When you’re accused of criminal charges, your life will start turning upside down as the experience is frightening as well as overwhelming. But when you’re charged with domestic violence, you will face major problems, especially when you know you’re not guilty, but still, you’re facing charges because of the other party.

In such situations, it’s crucial to talk to a second degree assault lawyer in Maryland who can help navigate the legal complexities and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Before you get a chance to explain and defend yourself against the false accusation of domestic violence, you will be summoned to the courtroom.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

In such situations, you need to remember that waiting for the other party to withdraw the charges will affect your life and mental well-being. This situation might never come. Instead, you need to plan your every move so that you can convince the judge that the accusations are unfaithful. Here are some essential things you must remember when falsely accused of domestic violence charges.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer

This is the most important thing you should do when you’re facing false criminal defense charges. This is because criminal defense lawyers are the only professional who can help you when you’re charged with domestic violence. A reputed domestic violence lawyer can:

  • Help you gather the important pieces of evidence to prove your innocence
  • Know the different aspects of the law
  • Can help you prepare for the trial
  • Can work with the prosecutor to either dismiss your case before the other party press higher charges
  • Can negotiate on your behalf

Remember that most professional law firms will provide you with a free consultation. This means that they won’t charge you anything for their legal advice. Additionally, your communication will be protected by the client-attorney relationship. This means that the lawyers cannot leak any information or statement before you allow them to.

Make Sure You Document the Facts

This is another important thing you should do. Don’t forget to document all the essential facts regarding the false accusation of domestic violence. Sometimes the other party might create false claims just to back up themselves. In such situations, you don’t need to document anything, just talk to your Criminal Defense Lawyer, particularly a domestic assaults attorney.


Criminal Defense Lawyer

However, there are some specific acts or incidents that are leading to other people making false domestic violence allegations against you. If this is the case, don’t forget to take proper notes about the incident that happened. A written document will undoubtedly help you prove your innocence.

Keep in mind that domestic violence cases are lengthy. Therefore, take notes whenever possible.

Change the Login Credentials

A Criminal Defense Lawyer will tell you that when you’re living with your partner, you can never imagine that they can falsely accuse you of domestic violence. Therefore, just like a normal couple, you might have shared login credentials for your Facebook, Instagram, or other accounts. As per Top Content, sharing passwords is risky.

But make sure you change your ID and passwords as soon as possible when facing wrongful domestic violence charges. This is because the other party will try to get the upper hand by using your account to send inappropriate messages to their account. You will face a hard time convincing the judge that the other party accessed your account to send those messages.


This is what you need to do when you’re facing false domestic violence charges. Make sure you call us, and our experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer will assist you.


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