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How to Edit PDF Documents with Wondershare PDFelement

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How to Edit PDF Documents with Wondershare PDFelement

Wherever you work and whatever you study, you surely know the PDF documents file format well. It is an essential type of file that we use in our daily lives in almost any field, from journalism to architecture, through marketing, human resources, design or teaching.

What you may not know is that PDF files go far beyond a simple document to print or to view on the screen. Far from being static files, PDF documents lend themselves to editing and are quite flexible if you have a powerful editor like Wondershare PDFelement. It is one of the most popular PDF editors, if not the most popular one. If you are looking for a solution for editing PDF files on the Internet, you are sure to find a lot of information about this application.

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Wondershare PDFelement: What is it?

We will now talk about Wondershare PDFelement for managing PDF documents, explaining how it is used. With it, it is possible to create, edit PDF, and convert documents of this type on computers and mobile devices. It is one of the most widely used document formats, I mean PDF, a system devised by Adobe a few years ago. A consequence of this popularity is the large number of tools that exist around this format.

In that list, there are applications of all kinds, with more and less features, that deal with creating and modifying these types of documents. Above all, PDFelement by Wondersare stands out, a program that works on Windows and macOS computers, and on iOS and Android mobile devices, capable of creating, editing, combining, transforming and organizing PDFs easily.

To edit PDFs

PDFelement offers a series of tools for editing PDF documents, giving total control over the files produced. Among the tools included are those that are capable of modifying text and images, establishing all kinds of transformations. After installing the application and running it, a window will open:

How to Edit PDF Documents with Wondershare PDFelement

Click on the Edit PDF button or on the one on the left side, Open file. By doing so, and after opening a document, we will be able to add, delete, cut, copy, paste and edit texts, images and other objects in a PDF file. In the upper menu we have all the sections, we only have to select the one we need at any time to carry out the edition.

If we click on the Edit button at the top, we will see that several options are offered to us on the right side. We only have to select the text to edit, marking it with the mouse, and configure the settings. We can indicate the font and size, the type, the structuring of the paragraph or the color, among other options.

We can also add text

Within the same section, Edit, we can also Add Text. Keeping the button at the top active, we only have to move to the desired place with the mouse pointer and, after configuring the characteristics of the text, proceed to add it. We can also, before proceeding to add, press the Select button to indicate the area of ​​the document in which we want to add.

How to Edit PDF Documents with Wondershare PDFelement

Need to modify the images?

How to Edit PDF Documents with Wondershare PDFelement

If we have a document with images and we want to edit some of them, we must proceed in a similar way to the one we have used for the text. Click on the upper button Edit and mark the image that we want to modify within the document. All the possible options to carry out are shown on the right side. We just have to select all the ones we want so that the image is modified.

Or edit pages?

If what we want is to edit pages in a PDF document, we just have to click on the Page button. An image will be displayed. We’ll see that we are offered several options: Rotate, Delete, Insert, Replace, Extract, Divide, Page Tags and Crop.


PDFelement offers even more possibilities. To discover them we just have to select them in the top menu after opening a PDF document to proceed with editing. We will see, among others, the possibility of adding annotations or the option to protect a document, so that it cannot be edited.


In the end, Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful PDF editing program with which you will be able to edit and manipulate all your PDF files in a simple and practical way. With a simple and intuitive interface and a powerful editing engine Wondershare PDFelement will allow you to change the order of the pages of your documents, edit the size and position of the images or replace them with others, copy, paste and modify the text of any paragraph or title, and much more.

Also, Wondershare PDFelement is one of the best programs for editing scanned files, which is especially useful thanks to its powerful OCR system for digitizing text from paper documents. Interested? Today you can get some discounts. Check this!

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