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Biden On The Economy In A Fiery Political Climate

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Biden On The Economy In A Fiery Political Climate

(CTN News) – As part of his State of the Union address on Thursday night, President Biden diverged from his own script numerous times to discuss economic matters.

During his speech, he criticized the fees charged by major banks for credit cards. He provided a real-life example of shrinkflation by teasing GOP colleagues about infrastructure funding headed their way.

From the White House’s perspective, perhaps the most important aspect of the president’s repeated additions to his prepared remarks was that they gave him an opportunity to provoke the Republicans. Although the initial reactions to Biden’s intense performance have been positive,

Biden being Biden, it did not always go according to plan.

It is likely that I will get in trouble for saying that,” he said at one point while offering an aside regarding the increasing cost of prescription drugs. After accidentally suggesting the image of the president flying seniors on Air Force One to Toronto and Berlin – as well as Moscow – in order to obtain cheaper medications, he struck a chord with the audience.

“Well, maybe even Moscow,” he said, undeterred, “and bring your prescription along, and I promise to get it to you at 40% off the price you are currently paying.”

It will be interesting to see whether his combative tone helps to boost his sagging poll numbers.

The asides highlighted the importance of the economy to Biden’s message as he prepares to take on former President Trump in the November election, as well as his willingness to engage in an unscripted back and forth after weeks of disagreement over his age and fitness.

He has used this tactic in the past. In last year’s address, a similar ad-lib on Social Security provoked loud GOP jeers and was seen as a successful gambit by many political observers.

A number of asides

As part of his speech this year, Biden teased Republicans who voted no but touted incoming funds regardless of the fact that they did not vote for the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law of 2021.


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