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Data Center Proxies vs Residential Proxies: Which Is Best?



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Proxies open a world of possibilities for your entrepreneurship goals. Through them, censored and restricted content comes within your reach in a click. With such benefits and more for your business, the question hits you on the better option between data center proxies and the best of the residential proxies.

But what are they anyway? And how do they work? Well, that’s what we’re laying bare today, so let’s get on it. Data center proxies are purchased in bulk from providers. They present an assortment of IP addresses that you can rotate to give your business a unique online identity every time you go online.

Residential proxies are intermediary servers that use IP addresses subscribed from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as experts from Smartproxy say that Residential proxies are tied to a physical device such as real mobile and desktop devices

Understanding residential proxies and data center proxies

Residential proxies allow other users to trace the precise location of your IP address. They give the home address you allocate for the device your business uses to go online. It usually requires you to use the real IP address assigned to your business.

Residential proxies do not come from data centers. Datacenter proxies offer IP addresses traceable to the company or data center associated with them.

Anonymity: Residential or data center proxies

While browsing, a regulator or another user can access details of your cookies and browser settings. Your IP address allows search engines to locate your company’s geographical location. As a result, some websites hinder your web scraping activities if they do not allow servers from your company’s physical location to access their websites.

You will be relieved though to learn that both the data center and residential do offer you a way to hide your company’s IP address. Any time your company relocates and sets up the internet, the ISP gives you another IP address.

The two proxy types don’t do the same thing though. Data center proxies conceal IP addresses.

Webmasters realize that businesses now use data center proxies to hide their online identity. As a result, websites now modify their settings to flag data center proxies. The solution to that lies in using residential proxies.

The best of data center proxies


Data center proxies cost less as the packages offered by providers have bulk IPs. The many users on the cloud provider platform mean the costs are distributed among them. This makes it cheaper than residential bots that are assigned to a specific user.


Due to the assortment of IP addresses availed by data center proxies, you can pick new IP addresses at intervals to avoid detection by tools on websites that don’t allow others to scrap their sites. Besides, you can set your IP address to a Miami one while browsing or streaming from another country.


While residential proxies easily surrender your organization’s location, the data center proxy companies often provide their services on a cloud platform. Such will rarely leak your real identity and you can crawl the web, cop sneakers and shield your company from unwelcome attention.


You can write a script for your data center proxy to automate the web scraping process for your business. They gather high volumes of the specified data since they search for what you ask them to collect.

The numerous IPs assist you to hit the same website several times without flagging by Cloudflare. These scrapers work faster too and coupling them with a spider will enhance your data scraping.

The magic of residential proxies

If you’re proxy shopping, consider the following:


Since residential proxies use IP addresses attached to authentic residential addresses, they don’t qualify for flagging. With them, you only need to replace your IP address with a proxy and you can scrap any online site with no risk of flagging.

Variety of locations

Since a package of residential proxies comes with a substantial amount of IP addresses attached, your company only needs to use these IPs in rotation to avoid detection and flagging of your bot on geographical restrictions.

Global reach

Since residential bots appear as authentic human users, you can scrap many global sites for important information and offers. It becomes easier to snoop on the competition and hide from hackers and fraudsters.

Boost Ad verification

To protect your business from malicious bots and users, choose residential proxies to detect traffic from fake ads and landing pages. Such hackers post fake ads and claim revenue.

This proxy type helps you view the landing pages of other companies in your target countries. From that, you can see how they display ads there and design yours for the best conversion.

Static residential proxies

If you want to harness the best of the residential proxies and the data center proxy services, look into static residential proxies for your company. This class of proxies combines residential and data center proxies. The end-user experience becomes the much sought fast, stable and anonymous bot.


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