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Why is Google Doodle Honouring Didi Kempot?



Didi Kempot is an Indonesian Singer, and why is Google Doodle Honouring him?

We look at what happened to Indonesian singer Didi Kempot as Google Doodle pays tribute to her. Google highlights several famous people every year on the anniversary of their birth, death, or big accomplishment.

Earlier this month, as part of Black History Month, the search engine honored American-Haitian model Mama Cax.

Google celebrated the 140th birthday of Danish painter Lili Elbe, whose narrative was adapted for the cinema in The Danish Girl in December (2015). HITC examines Didi Kempot’s life and works in light of his Google Doodle homage.

Get to know Didi Kempot, The Face of Today’s Google Doodle.

The Godfather of Broken Hearts was Indonesian singer Didi Kempot. Google Doodle will remember him on Sunday, February 26. On December 31, 1966, in Surakarta, Indonesia, Didik Prasetyo became Didi Kempot.

He grew up in a family of entertainers. His brothers were comedians, and his mother was a Javanese singer who sang in the old style. Kempot followed in his mother’s footsteps by wanting to be a musician.

As a busker in his late teens and early twenties, he began to write his songs. Kempot started his band, Kelompok Pengamen Trotoar when he was 18.

Didi Kempot played music on the streets of Indonesia for years before he finally got a break in the business. Kempot signed up with a record company in 1989, and his songs were played worldwide.

Kempot gained more fans in the Netherlands and Suriname, where there are many Javanese people. Cidro, his first big hit, was a huge hit in these countries and his own.

Google Doodle celebrates Didi’s lifetime achievements.

Didi Kempot is honored by Google Doodle on February 26th, the anniversary of one of the singer’s greatest triumphs. Kempot got a Billboard Indonesia Lifetime Achievement Award three years ago today.

Didi Kempot attended the ceremony. He performed Pamer Bojo alongside singer Isyana Sarasvati to commemorate his accomplishments during the awards presentation. Kempot played for decades and was well-known for his campur sari songs, a fusion of traditional Javanese and modern music.

What happened to Didi Kempot?

Didi Kempot died just about three months after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. He passed away on May 5, 2020, at 53. Kempot died as a result of cardiac arrest complications. According to Metro, the musician raised £400,000 to battle the covid-19 pandemic just weeks before his death.

The fundraising event was held on April 11, 2020, in the Lokananta music studio and was televised nationally. Indonesian President Joko Widodo was practically present.

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