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FocoClipping: A Background Remover that Can Make Images Transparent in One Click



FocoClipping: A Background Remover that Can Make Images Transparent

Part 1: Introduction

The market is flooded with a lot of tools claiming that these will make images transparent in a click. Well, some tools are there making this possible, but unfortunately, some are not. If you are searching for a tool that will be helpful in doing it just by a click, then just have a look at the tool I am discussing below as it is ruling out the internet these days.

Here I am discussing FocoClipping. It is one of the best tools available helpful in enhancing the background of the image. As for me, you will see that it helps you to make the background of the image white and transparent too in a go. Let’s discuss this wonderful tool in detail!

Part 2: What is FocoClipping?

FocoClipping is a background enhancer tool helpful in making the background white or transparent as per convenience. It has an auto AI algorithm that detects the background on its own and removes it automatically in just 3 seconds. It has all the features which are required by someone for editing the background of the image and turning it into white or transparent.

Features of FocoClipping:

Features making it the best choice for users around include:-

  • Free to use.
  • Hair touch up tool handling the challenging detail of hair
  • Customized API solution feature is integrated
  • Helpful in cropping the image
  • Provide high-resolution image
  • Interface is innovative
  • Undo and redo option is integrated
  • Add outline to the image and can be customized
  • The casting shadow feature is integrated, and some others.

Moreover, in one click, a user can remove background from bulk images. Yes, it features the bulk background remover option, which trusts me, has been the most helpful for me. You just need to upload the image, and within a while, the outcome will be there.

Also, if you wish to make any changes considering the undoing and redoing of the images, the same will also be done. It is totally on the user how they want to make the settings. Just set all of them and be ready to get the desired outcomes as per your need.

Part 3: How to Make Background Image Transparent in One Click

FocoClipping is helpful to make the image transparentBut it is also important to follow the right steps for the same. Well, here I will help you to know them as well. These are:-

Step 1: Primarily, head to On the main page, you will find the “Upload Image” option. Simply click on it and select the image you wish to edit.

make images transparent in a click

Step 2: It will be redirected to the next page and take a few seconds to display. The outcome will be right in front of you as shown in the image below. You can see it can make any image transparent with its AI algorithm. I’ve purposely taken a complicated image like this to see the results. And I was amazed.

make images transparent in a click

Step 3: Now, click on the “Download” button right at the top of the page. Simply click on it and get your image downloaded with you!

make images transparent in a click

Pro Tip: How to bulk make Background Image Transparent

As I mentioned previously too, FocoClipping features the bulk background image remover tool which is indeed great. And therefore, I want to share it with you all too. The steps may appear to be complicated in starting, but in reality, these are not. The steps are as follow:-

Step 1: Head to  and hit on the “Upload images” option right there. It asks you to select the images you wish to edit. Add them.

make images transparent in a click

Step 2: You can now choose if you want the background transparent or white. The options are given on the left panel. The AI will work on its own.

Step 3: You can now hit the “Download All” button right at the top. Click on it and save the images.


FocoClipping is one of the best tools I have ever encountered when it is about removing the background of the image. It is simple to use and has all the innovative features. If you are someone who is in a profession where editing is required, and you are not able to find out the best tool, head to it immediately.

Moreover, the bulk background remover tool is really very helpful and saves a lot of time. Upload all the images and wait for the duration until the task has been done. There will be no problem in completing the task at all.

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