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Drug Courier Busted with 550Kg of High-Grade Marijuana

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On Thursday, police in northeastern Thailand’s Sakon Nakhon province arrested a drug courier and seized 550 kilograms of compressed high-grade marijuana from his pickup truck.

Police from the Crime Suppression Division arrested Mr Wanchai Phladsu, 34, after they discovered 550 bricks of compressed high-grade marijuana weighing a kilogram in his vehicle on the Nong Waeng-Ban Dung Road in the Wanon Niwat district of this northeastern province.

According to the arresting team, marijuana was being smuggled from Laos via the Seka-Akat Manuai route in Bueng Kan province by a drug gang.

Drug suppression officers were deployed along the known smuggling route and stopped the suspected vehicle in Sakon Nakhon province.

In the course of questioning, Mr Wanchai confessed to being hired by an unidentified man for 10,000 baht to deliver drugs to a customer in Udon Thani. Mr Wanchai said the person who hired him drove another vehicle along the route but sped away when he was pulled over.

Before being handed over to Wanon Niwat police, he was charged with colluding in possession of drugs in category 5 with intent to sell.

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