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Donald Trump Says He Is Considering Gov. Greg Abbott For The Vice Presidency

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Donald Trump Says He Is Considering Gov. Greg Abbott For The Vice Presidency

(CTN News) – At a campaign stop near the Mexico border, former President Donald Trump mentioned Texas Governor Greg Abbott as a potential vice presidential candidate.

As part of his appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Thursday night, Donald Trump praised Abbott for his tough approach to illegal immigration. Hannity asked Abbott whether he was being considered as Trump’s running mate, as Abbott stood beside Trump.

Trump believes that he has performed well. He is certainly someone I would consider highly.” He is on the list, is he not? Hannity asked.”

In response, Donald Trump replied, “Absolutely.”.

During Hannity’s interview with Abbott, he did not ask the governor for his response, only mentioning the governor’s recent hearing that he is on the short list of possible candidates. In response, Abbott merely smiled.

Despite this, Abbott reiterated on Friday that he remains dedicated to his position as governor of Texas.

Abbott said during a news conference at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin on an unrelated subject, “Obviously that is very nice of him to say, but my focus is entirely on the state of Texas.”

The fact that I have already announced that I will run for reelection two years from now has already been discussed. As a result, I am committed to Texas and am staying in Texas,” he said.

As part of the tour Abbott led Donald Trump through Shelby Park, which the state took over in January, fencing it off and installing razor wire along the Rio Grande adjacent to the park.

During Hannity’s full-hour show on Thursday, he interviewed Donald Trump from Shelby Park, with Abbott appearing at the end of the show.

On Hannity’s show, Abbott was mentioned as a potential running mate.

“I am hearing this more and more from my friends. I believe I will hear it more after this show, too,” Donald Trump said. Getting his endorsement was an honor for me because he is an exceptional individual.

As part of a Thanksgiving meal with state and national guard troops serving along the border, Abbott announced his support for Donald Trump in November.

Upon being asked whether there were other contenders for the position of vice president, Donald Trump mentioned former South Carolina senator Tim Scott, who dropped out of the presidential race in November, and indicated that other candidates were being considered.

“We have a lot of great people,” he stated.


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