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Deadly Blast at Fireworks Warehouse in Southern Thailand Leaves Nine Dead

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Deadly Blast at Fireworks Warehouse in Southern Thailand Leaves Nine Dead

(CTN News) – A devastating explosion at a fireworks warehouse in the market of Sungai Kolok, a town situated on the Malaysian border in southern Thailand, has resulted in the loss of nine lives, including three children.

The incident, which occurred on Saturday, caused serious injuries to at least 115 individuals and caused extensive damage to the surrounding area. Initial investigations suggest that the blast was triggered by a “technical error” during construction work, leading to a tragic chain of events.

This unfortunate accident adds to the list of similar incidents involving fireworks in Southeast Asia, where they are frequently used for celebratory events.

Despite efforts to enhance safety measures, Thailand continues to grapple with a poor record of accidents in its construction sites, roads, and workplaces.

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The Tragic Incident Unfolds

On a fateful day in Sungai Kolok, the residents were startled by a massive explosion that originated from a fireworks warehouse in the local market. At approximately 3:00 PM, a thunderous noise shook the entire area, leaving buildings damaged, windows shattered, and roofs collapsed. The blast created a massive plume of smoke that blanketed the sky, turning the once vibrant market into a scene of devastation.

Eyewitness Accounts of the Disaster

Eyewitnesses like Seksan Taesen, who lived merely 100 meters from the market, recounted their harrowing experiences. Taesen described the incident as chaotic, with houses collapsing and people lying on the ground in every direction. The force of the explosion was so intense that even Taesen’s own house sustained significant damage.

Probable Cause of the Blast

As authorities conducted a preliminary investigation, the focus shifted to construction work on the market building. The findings pointed towards a “technical error” during steel welding, which likely ignited the fireworks stored inside the warehouse. This tragic oversight resulted in the loss of innocent lives and widespread destruction.

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Past Incidents of Fireworks Accidents in Southeast Asia

Unfortunately, fireworks accidents are not uncommon in Southeast Asia, where they are commonly used to mark significant events. In the past, incidents in Indonesia and other regions of Thailand have claimed numerous lives. Despite public pressure to enforce stricter safety regulations, such accidents continue to occur.

Safety Concerns and Challenges in Thailand

Thailand faces multiple safety challenges concerning fireworks and on its roads, construction sites, and workplaces. Despite efforts to improve safety standards, the country continues to grapple with a poor safety record, leading to avoidable tragedies like the one in Sungai Kolok.

Sungai Kolok’s Unique Situation

Sungai Kolok has a unique reputation as a notoriously rowdy border town where rules are often bent or ignored. This environment can make the enforcement of safety regulations even more challenging. Additionally, the region where Sungai Kolok is located continues to be affected by an active armed insurgency, posing further obstacles to safety measures.


The tragic incident at the fireworks warehouse in Sungai Kolok serves as a grim reminder of the potential dangers associated with fireworks and the importance of stringent safety measures. As authorities continue their investigations, the community mourns the loss of nine lives, and thoughts go out to those injured and impacted by the explosion. This unfortunate event also highlights the need for continuous efforts to enhance safety across various sectors in Thailand, ensuring that such accidents are prevented in the future.

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