Family Flees After Home Invaded By An Army Of Cobra Snakes
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Family Flees After Home Invaded by an Army of Cobra Snakes



Family Flees After Home Invaded by an Army of Cobra Snakes

A family in southern Thailand has been forced to stay with relatives after an army of baby cobra snakes invaded their rented home.

An army of 14 baby king cobras invaded a rented house in a village in the Hat Yai district.

The first baby king cobra snake was spotted for the first time on May 21 at the home of Eraman Mama, 43, of Ban Muang Khai in Tambon Chalung.

More baby cobras kept slithering out of the hole in the days that followed.

The baby cobra snakes were found curled up in children’s shoes, under pillows and blankets, and in piles of clothing and a wardrobe. His family was terrified, he said.

Mr. Erawan has lived in the rented house with his wife and their three children, aged 4, 6, and 7 years.

Eventually, the family sought refuge at a relative’s house in the same village on Tuesday. It was believed that there were still more baby cobra snakes under the house in a nest.

Molted Skins of King Cobra Snakes

After the family’s departure, Mr. Eraman sprayed pesticide around the home. In the weeks following the family’s departure, another seven snakes emerged from their hideout.

One more snake was found the following night. A total of fourteen king cobra snakes were found.

Erawan said he found 10 newly molted king cobra skins around the house. The family had lived with the cobras for a month. He said that; fortunately, none of the family members were bitten.

The house owner promised to renovate it to prevent it from becoming a regular cobra habitat.

The house’s previous tenant was Boonma Phinthong, 62, who said he found two wrist-sized king cobras molting near the house a month ago and beat them to death. He thought they were probably the parents of the army of baby cobras.

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