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Cloudbet: The Top Cryptocurrency Casino for 2022




Cloudbet: Have you considered playing at an online casino using cryptocurrency recently? Or perhaps you’ve made the leap and started playing already? If so, you’re not alone, as more and more gamblers are now starting to recognize the benefits of playing using crypto.

As more people play using crypto, more casinos start adopting cryptocurrency, crowding the marketplace and making it really tough to tell the great crypto sites from the ones to avoid. So, we decided to do something about it, and commenced looking for the number one cryptocurrency casino in the world.

After a huge amount of work, we came to the conclusion that one casino impressed more than all others, and that casino was Cloudbet! That’s why we now recommend Cloudbet to anyone thinking of betting with cryptocurrency for the first time. Why not find out more about our decision to award Cloudbet the top spot by reading below?

Why is Cloudbet Our Number One Crypto Casino?

Quite simply, Cloudbet ticks all the boxes, and has a number of characteristics that elevate it above the other crypto casinos we considered. We’ve listed the best qualities of Cloudbet below, but why not check them out for yourself by heading over to the crypto casino today?

  • Security. Cloudbet is an exceptionally safe place to play. Cryptocurrency security is already great, but when allied with the encryption used by Cloudbet, even those most nervous of online transactions can feel completely happy playing at this casino.
  • Game selection. What is a casino without games? They’re the most essential part of any site and you’ll find a huge array at Cloudbet, including games from NetEnt and Relax Gaming. There are also many superb live dealer games from Evolution Gaming to enjoy.
  • Bonuses. Big bonuses with fair terms and conditions are a huge selling point for any casino, and Cloudbet offers one of the best welcome bonuses around. You’ll find your first deposit at the site is doubled, up to a maximum value of 5 BTC!
  • Reputation. It’s easy to test the waters and see how reputable a casino is – you just need to Google it and look through the results. When we Googled Cloudbet, we found only a small number of complaints, and a huge amount of praise.
  • Payment options. Any top crypto casino must offer a range of depositing options – something that Cloudbet certainly does. They offer all the main cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, as well as many smaller cryptocurrencies too.

Choosing the Top Crypto Casino: Our Methodology

You might be asking yourself how we chose our top crypto casino. In the interests of fairness, we’ve decided to let you in to the decision-making process, to find out exactly how Cloudbet came out on top.

Firstly, we created accounts at various crypto casinos. We wanted to see how simple the process was and whether there were any roadblocks thrown in our way. After that, we deposited using a range of cryptocurrencies, to evaluate the process – we wanted to see fast deposits with no fees charged by the casino in question.

While making our deposit, we also took the chance to investigate the bonuses, especially the welcome bonus, which we were sure to claim. How large is the welcome bonus? How long is it valid for? Is there a limit on the money that could be won from it? How high are the wagering requirements? We asked all these questions and more, before then doing the same for all other available casino bonuses.

Now it’s time to have some fun, as we get to play the games! We’re looking to see how large the range of games is, as well as how good the overall quality is. We also want to see that the games – especially the ones with progressive jackpots – have high prizes. After all, there’s not much point playing casino games if you can’t win loads of money!

We then take any money we’ve won and go through the withdrawal process, to see how fast it is and whether there are fees. We finish off by tidying up some loose ends, such as checking the customer support and seeing what the overall consensus online is about the casino.

Only once we’ve gone through this entire process do we give an overall opinion on the site as a whole. Of all the sites we’ve ever assessed, Cloudbet scored highest, which is why Cloudbet is our number one cryptocurrency casino for 2022!


Are the games at crypto casinos fair?

You can be sure that the games at all reputable casinos, including Cloudbet, are completely fair. However, if you’re concerned, you can play provably fair titles, which give you the information needed to independently check that a spin of the reels or turn of the cards was completely random and that the casino didn’t cheat in any way.

How much money can I win?

This depends on the game you’re playing. However, the highest paying games in any online casino are progressive jackpot slots. These have prizes that continue to rise as more and more people play, meaning that the jackpot can grow to be worth millions. Once it is won, it resets and the whole process begins again.

Which cryptocurrencies can be used at casinos?

The most popular cryptocurrency used at casinos is predictably Bitcoin. However, the best casinos, such as Cloudbet, also accept various other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether and Ethereum. Always check to see whether a site accepts your preferred cryptocurrency before signing up.

Do cryptocurrencies have any disadvantages?

Once you’ve gotten past the initial suspicion of something new, there are no downsides to using crypto at online casinos. Transactions are safe and quick, plus there are no fees to pay at all reputable casinos.

Why is cryptocurrency so safe?

Cryptocurrency is safe thanks to the blockchain technology used to protect all transactions. This essentially means that your transactions are protected from unauthorised third parties. What’s more, when using crypto at a casino, you’ll never need to share your personal or banking details.


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