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China’s ABS Market Surges In November With Record Registration Of 66.9 Billion Yuan




(CTN News) – In a significant development, data from the Asset Management Association of China reveals a robust surge in the asset-backed securities (ABS) market, with products worth 66.9 billion yuan (approximately 9.43 billion U.S. dollars) registered in November.

The diversification of ABS offerings is evident, encompassing debt financing, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and future operating income.

This surge indicates a thriving financial ecosystem and a growing appetite for structured finance products in the Chinese market.

Breakdown of Registered ABS Products:

The breakdown of newly registered ABS products in November is enlightening. Debt financing-related ABS products took the lead, with a total value of 56.3 billion yuan. This suggests a strong demand for financial instruments that provide avenues for debt capitalization.

Real estate investment trusts, a key component of ABS portfolios, accounted for approximately 8.5 billion yuan, signaling sustained interest in real estate-backed securities.

Additionally, ABS products linked to future operating income amounted to 2 billion yuan, reflecting investor confidence in cash flow-generating assets.

China’s Cumulative Landscape:

As of the end of November, the cumulative value of existing ABS products in China reached an impressive 1.95 trillion yuan. This figure underscores the maturity and depth of the ABS market in the country.

The diversity of assets underlying these securities, ranging from debt to real estate, showcases the versatility of ABS as a financial instrument, catering to a wide range of investor preferences.


FILE PHOTO: People walk along Nanjing Pedestrian Road, a main shopping area, ahead of the National Day holiday, in Shanghai, China September 26, 2023. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

Key Factors Driving ABS Market Growth:

Several factors contribute to the escalating growth of the ABS market in China. Firstly, ABS products provide a mechanism for diversification, allowing investors to access a variety of underlying assets and risk profiles.

This diversification is particularly appealing in the context of a dynamic and evolving economic landscape.

Furthermore, the growing acceptance of ABS as a viable investment option is bolstered by regulatory support and market maturation.

Chinese authorities have implemented measures to enhance transparency and reduce risk associated with ABS, fostering a conducive environment for market expansion.

Investors, both institutional and retail, are increasingly recognizing the value proposition offered by ABS, leading to heightened participation and capital inflows.

The Role of Debt Financing ABS:

The dominance of debt financing-related ABS products in the November registrations underscores the importance of debt capital in the financial landscape.

These instruments not only provide capital for businesses but also offer investors an opportunity to participate in the credit markets.

The popularity of debt financing ABS suggests a growing need for alternative funding mechanisms, and ABS serves as an effective conduit for such financing needs.

The surge in registered ABS products in November, particularly in debt financing, real estate investment trusts, and future operating income, reflects the resilience and dynamism of China’s financial markets.

The cumulative value of existing ABS products further substantiates the maturity of the market, with diverse assets contributing to its substantial size.

As the ABS market continues to evolve, regulatory support, investor education, and the development of innovative products will play pivotal roles in sustaining this growth trajectory.

The robust performance in November not only signifies the current strength of the ABS market but also hints at its potential to become an even more integral component of China’s financial landscape in the future.

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