China: Shanghai Will Lock Down Half The City For Mass Covid-19 Testing



Starting Monday, Shanghai will lock down both halves of the city in turn for mass Covid-19 testing amid a surge in infections.

The government of Shanghai announced on Sunday that the eastern half of the city — which is home to 11 million people — will go into lockdown at the start of the week for four days, while the remaining 14 million residents will start the lockdown from Friday.

The city requires all residents to participate in the Covid-19 screening in order to maintain a “green” health code status that allows them access to grocery stores and public areas.

All non-essential workers must work from home during their respective lockdowns. Buses, subways, ferries, and taxis are also suspended in lockdown areas.

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Shanghai was home to 2,678 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, nearly half of all new cases in China that day, according to the country’s National Health Commission.

As questions about Beijing’s zero-Covid strategy break into the mainstream for the first time, China’s inability to control its latest outbreak has prompted online rumblings from frustrated citizens.

Even after Covid-19 cases were detected, Shanghai was reluctant to implement a citywide lockdown before the announcement on Sunday. Wu Fan, a medical expert with Shanghai’s pandemic task force, said that if Shanghai came to a complete halt, there would be many international cargo ships floating in the East China Sea.

Although case numbers have risen to the highest point since the pandemic began, China is still hesitant to impose full, city-wide lockdown: Read More Here

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