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Bodybuilder Vahid Badpei Wins Classic Physique at 2022 Thailand Pro

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Bodybuilder Vahid Badpei Wins Classic Physique at 2022 Thailand Pro

Thailand hosted the 2022 Thailand Pro on Saturday. Bodybuilder Participants in four different divisions were vying for a spot at the 2022 Olympia.

In the end, Bodybuilder Vahid Badpei won the Classic Physique division and Yunlong Pin won the Men’s 212 division.

In pro bodybuilding, the highlight of this weekend was the 2022 Thailand Pro, in which Classic Physique, 212, Physique, and Bikini competed to qualify for the Olympia.

As the night’s premier competition event, Classic Physique showcased a strong pool of international bodybuilders. These bodybuilders were not only competing for qualification but also vying for attention among the elite of the sport.

Vahid Badpei earned that attention with an impressive physique and a winning performance.

The men’s 212 bodybuilder division was another highlight of the night, with Yunlong Pin taking first place, followed by Hamed Mahmoud Eyni in second and Naser Mohammed in third.

There was close competition among all three competitors due to their powerful physiques.

The full results of the show have been released.

Below is a full breakdown of the show, and you can find out which athletes qualified for the Olympia!

In the month of March, there’ve been several recent Olympia 2022 qualifier competitions went down, starting with Arnold Classic 2022, followed by the Boston Pro, then the Kuwait Classic ProFitworld Pro, Musclecontest Campinas Pro, Asia Grand Prix Pro, Caribbean Pro Bermuda, and the San Diego Pro to name a few.  The deadline to qualify for the 2022 Olympia is November 20, 2022.

2022 Thailand Pro Bodybuilder Winners From All Divisions:

  • Men’s 212: Yunlong Pin
  • Classic Physique: Vahid Badpei
  • Men’s Physique: Ronpaisan Ruangsangpen
  • Bikini: Jil Meret Schmitz

Men’s 212 Bodybuilder Class

  • Winner — Yunlong Pin
  • Second Place — Hamed Mahmoud Eini
  • Third Place — Lin Ching-Chieh
  • Fourth Place — Naser Mohammed
  • Fifth Place — Richard Morilla
  • Sixth Place — Abdul Aziz Almershdi

Classic Physique

  • Winner — Vahid Badpei
  • Second Place — Abdullah Alsairafi
  • Third Place — Mohamed Kazem Zolfaghari
  • Fourth Place — Ali Shams Ghamar
  • Fifth Place  — Omar Khaldi
  • Sixth Place — Damian Kuffel
  • Seventh Place — Denis Romanov
  • Eighth Place — Vahid Ahdno Zarnagh
  • Ninth Place — Junho Kim
  • Tenth Place — Reza Smith

Men’s Bodybuilder Physique

  • Winner — Ronpaisan Ruangsangpen
  • Second Place — Joven Sagabain
  • Third Place — Joshua Eng Chemg Shin
  • Fourth Place — Nishant Bansai
  • Fifth Place  — Mohammad Afroz Khichi
  • Sixth Place — Omer Bahamed
  • Seventh Place — Bader Alsabri
  • Eighth Place — Li Hsuan Liu
  • Ninth Place — Viet Doan
  • Tenth Place — Ilya Kvashnin


  • Winner — Jil Meret Schmitz
  • Second Place — Hye Kyeong Hwang
  • Third Place — Yeoni Lee
  • Fourth Place — Bridget Bailey
  • Fifth Place  — Uchral Byambatseren
  • Sixth Place — Pei Fen Lin
  • Seventh Place — Lastuti Usman

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